Fixed matches free, paid, where to buy and is it worth it?

Fixed matches free, paid, where to buy and is it worth it?

Each more or less experienced the better at least once heard about sports “dogovornjakah” matches or matches in advance the result of which is already known to a certain group of people. And although the world’s largest Association of such fraud in every possible way deny the fact of the matter in the press there are new scandals about such incidents.

So who can play the role of organizers of such illegal action? Who needs it and why bother to enter into such transactions between potential adversaries?

How does the whole scheme of the Treaty?

Usually, the scheme of organization of such illegal actions is pretty simple. If to speak about football, the different clubs can directly negotiate among themselves. Usually, this occurs most often in the case for one team, the result does not matter, and for other counts for a lot. For example, this happens if at the end of the season one team is in the middle of the table and at the same time experiencing financial difficulties, and its opponent can fly at a lower League, but at the same time in case of win guarantees the preservation of the place in the same division. It is clear that anyone can disburse the desired result, but it must be done so that no one was able to undermine and accuse the organizers of match-fixing to bribery of one of the parties or bribery.

Sometimes the club management is located in the middle of the table, to agree on the exchange of points. This happens in the following way. In the first round in their home arena hosts the win and on the road in the second part of the championship to the same opponent lose. Everybody is happy (as if both draws) and betting can earn considerable sums.

Another common variant is agreement with one or more opposing players. For example, in hockey, sometimes it is enough to offer an impressive amount one goalkeeper. And he missed a couple of ridiculous goals that will allow the opponent to win, and the partners sales athlete will not even guess about such fraud. If we are talking about football, the conspiracy can involve not only the goalies, but one or more defenders, which will bring forward the other team in scoring position at the right moment, just badly lost the ball.

Who benefits – where to buy contractual matches?

Nowadays the world wide web there are a lot of resources, distribute (for free or for a fee) information about “dogovornjakah”. Usually such websites or groups in social networks attract the attention of punters is almost one hundred percent guarantee on the outcome of a particular sporting event. Especially popular on the Internet talk about fixing football matches.

At the same time traders similar product high guarantee their predictions even in games with pretty impressive odds (1.5 or more). And while we are talking about the world famous Championships, Cup meetings and other tournaments for participation in the rigging of the organizers of such things expect severe penalties, ranging from huge fines, or removal from the world of sports and ending prison terms. So who could be behind match-fixing? Who owns the information, which can be estimated in the huge sums of money?

Who is behind match – fixing- who trades iron bunkers?

If you look at professional sports and soberly considered, it is clear that the organization of such illegal activities can only deal with the person close to the leadership of the clubs and management of the athletes. In this case, most likely, in such dark deeds involved, and the representatives of the various associations in charge of the tournament or event.

For example, at the time, many people in America were accused of fixing Boxing matches notorious flamboyant promoter don king, who made millions in the battles of their wards. In football, the same fraud is most often involved either the owners, or at least the athletic Director.

Whether you believe the information about “dogovornjakah”?

The fact is that the majority of websites in the Internet and social networking groups that offer information about the outcomes of the matches for a substantial reward, no relation to the powers that be, do something know of match-fixing, have not. So you should not trust your money to the first comer, and rely on it wholly-owned data on the results if only he is not able to guarantee the authenticity of their information.

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