Features of bets on home games in football

Features rates for home games in football

Особенности ставок на домашние матчи в футболеAlmost every player of the bookmaker knows that home teams tend to play better than in the hotel. And explanations of this phenomenon is enough.

Primarily influenced by the support of the fans. Of course, visiting it is hard to play, if each attack team fans Boo the opponent. The considerable influence psychological factor and mood to the game. Football championship schedule is considered a draw away and win at home, often even the favorites in away games against not to paint the world. In front of their fans, the players always try to play as much as possible.

Depending on League winning percentage of the owners is 40-50%, whereas the away team wins 25-30% of the matches. If, after the first half, the hosts lead, in 80% of cases they brought the match to win, but an indicator is only 60-65%. Almost every League has home teams. It didn’t take Bayern or real Madrid, which is equally good home and away. Take into account last season in the top Championships. Spanish “Seville” in the Example house has won 15 matches (74%), while the guests haven’t won even once. In the Bundesliga Borussia mönchengladbach has won 13 home games (76%), and leaving only 4, which allowed us to finish in 4th place. In the championship of France is perfectly at home were “Bastia”, which won 58% of matches. However, due to poor results in away games “Bastia” finished only on 10th place.

What factors increase the advantage of the hosts?

1. The importance of the victory. If the team is fighting for a way out of the relegation zone, a place or solve any other important tasks in home matches and it can give fantastic results. Last season, desperate for survival fought “Ufa” in the Premier League. In their last 5 home games the team has won thrice, for the entire season was obtained only 6 victories. “Ufa” managed to maintain residence in the elite division, finishing in 12th place.

2. The enthusiasm of the fans. Not rarely points at home to come together with the attendance of the games. However, it is important not so many fans in the stands, and the development of the fan movement. In home games it active fans ready to give attention to the result. Take, for example, the European Cup matches involving clubs from Turkey or Greece. At home they can beat anyone, while the guests lose match after match.

3. Distance guest team. If the team will have a long travel, this may affect its freshness. Moreover, in the remote city only a small part of the fans to agree to go to support their team.


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