Fantasy football bookmakers. BC 1xbet

Fantasy football bookmakers. BC 1xbet

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Fantasy football – online game Manager (owner) of the club, forming compositions of real football players. They bring glasses to your virtual team’s achievements in these matches, goals, victory, dry gate, assists, hits, saves, recorded a penalty … Provided and the fines for yellow/red cards, own goals, fouls, missed goals.

For the player of each role, a separate table of values – an attacker can bring goal 2 points defender – 5, etc. On different sites the nuances of the rules of fantasy football are not the same, but the General principle is identical. The most striking difference can have the procedure set.

How are the teams in fantasy football

Usually chosen from the General base of players in the different clubs can be the same athletes. Some where a real procedure in the draft and one player can only be credited to the same team. Draft – the concept of American sports (NBA, NHL, MLB) when in the off-season managers take newcomers under regulations (in turn and first starts the weakest club).

The second type of set is less common, because it is only suitable for a limited group (class, friends, staff) and interesting in the long championship. In this contest you can trade players and even sell them for real money, mimicking the transfer market of real football clubs.

Organizers set a list of athletes with established values and roles, offering some of the limitations in structure – number of goalkeepers, defenders, Midfielders and strikers, and the total value of players exceeds the set limit. So, the Manager should be the makings of a breeder, try to find good players as the stars of the first magnitude, and secondary.

Fantasy football in 1xbet

Fantasy football in 1xbet presented in two versions – “8 on 8” and “11 11” – depending on the number of people in part of “11 against 11” and points are awarded for played minutes. There are limits on players from one club (7 – for “11 to 11” and 5 for “8 by 8”) and position limits. The prize Fund is divided depending on the format:

  • “1 winner” is taken by the best;
  • 50/50 – prizes gets half, depending on the occupied space;
  • “tournament” – win share the first three places.

Beginners at 1xbet offers a daily free competitions with prize money of$ 250 (to make at least one bet).

To begin, open the website 1xbet topic “Fantasy Football”, make the entry fee (if not free), and type the command from the provided list of players with the specified values. Competitions are held for individual Championships and game days.

Generally speaking, if Monday 2 games from top leagues, you can only select from among the possible participants of those encounters. On the weekends the selection is appropriately extensive. Bet on “irreplaceable” players, playing the full 90 minutes – they will bring more points.

Points earned are calculated according to the tables posted on the website under “Rules” – are awarded for goals, assists, hits, earned fouls and penalty points for removal, yellow cards, own goals, etc. Data provided by the website – the official source of statistics in 1xbet.

How to win in fantasy football

To succeed in fantasy football search for your own strategy, but for starters, follow the advice of an experienced betterof.

  • follow the injuries of players and their form, carefully considering all possible sources of information ahead of the meeting;
  • use all the limit points issued for the formation of the composition;
  • defenders gain little from pervious teams – not always it will be the players from top clubs. For “dry” match to the defender of a conditional Toulouse charged the shackles the same as Gerard Pique from Barcelona;
  • it is important to recruit more people from the number of teams able to win round – individual performance of even the most effective player in the lost match will bring less points than simple involvement in the victory;
  • performers take a penalty;
  • of course goalkeepers, often win, concede very few goals and are in good shape;
  • forget the Pets – have to look the best, but it is not always the same.

In free from 1xbet choose the original obvious optionsto have a better chance to get ahead of a few thousand applicants to receive a prize bonus, but in tournaments with the contributions it is better to carefully weigh the choice of each player, anticipating the choice of the enemy.


5 advantages of fantasy football in 1xbet betting company

  1. Tournaments for fantasy football in 1xbet transient, in contrast to the format which can be found on the sports information resources. This gives you the opportunity to learn the results and get a prize at the end of the day’s play.
  2. The rules of the format “8 8” and “11 11” no substitutions easier – there are fewer options. Easily by yourself to count the points during the game, without resorting to complex mathematical operations. At the same time it increases the responsibility of the “coach” when selecting staff – even one who wasn’t played because of injury the player may cause a critical shortage of points.
  3. In 1xbet – range of different variations with the fee on any budget – from 1 to 10 dollars and free competitions.
  4. The client can play fantasy football while having fun for a long time. If the regular bet can lose in a minute after placing it, fantasy betting remains relevant and the chances of winning on the day.
  5. Cooperation with the site and behind him a company to work with football statistics, 1xbet gives customers the opportunity to play on more parameters than on sites with free fantasy football. Minutes played, fouls, shots on target, saves – these figures are for scoring only in the bookmaker.

The history of fantasy football

The idea of fantasy sports originated in the United States, which has always paid special attention to the calculation of various statistical indicators, making it a kind of cult. Stats in American sports is everything on it rely in their work coaches and journalists, assessing the quality of the games athletes exclusively in digital format. To understand the importance of statistics in American sports – we recommend the movie Moneyball with brad pitt as a vivid illustration of the obsession of Americans to statistics.

Before, when bookmakers were not so popular and accessible, fans still made a bet, predicting the outcome of the match, the championship. In American colleges, starting with the 1960s, a popular was this approach – the students compiled their team of real players, counting their contribution to the game according to predefined indicators – abandoned washers, points, etc.

The first was the League of fantasy baseball, but with the advent of the Internet, they began to multiply like rabbits after spring. In Britain there was a company “Fantasy League Ltd” in CIS in the early 90s have conducted similar competitions in the format of club correspondence. In Europe the object of fantasy football, but in the US more popular local activities – baseball, basketball and hockey. Fortunately, in the 80-90-ies in America had no problem with the detailed statistics in these sports, and fantasy sports became more interesting.

Fantasy football as an alternative to rates

In countries where bookmakers illegally, fantasy sports was the only alternative to sports betting, since its legal definition does not apply to the gambling entertainments. By law, fantasy – a game of skill, akin to the quiz, quest. Very popular fantasy in the United States, India and other countries where prohibition the normal rates.

Under US law, fantasy football League should establish fixed rules that do not depend on the number of participants, clear and understandable to all. Usually, registration in the competition requires a contribution to the prize Fund, but there are free tournaments with a large number of applicants and a small prize is mainly for beginners who want to try their hand at fantasy sports.

The more participants – the prize Fund is growing, but less chance of victory. The other pole – the duel “1 vs 1” when the two options choose teams, make bets and winner takes all, minus the Commission of the organizers.

Tournaments can be long – on the whole championship, and on game days, covering a few matches and then one match. Kratkosrochnye significantly increased popularity of fantasy in North America, where last I counted 45 million fans this activity. Business noticed by prospects in the US brands, covering audience of millions – FanDuel, DraftKings and others. In India there are operators cricket with a huge coverage of crazed fans.

Sport clubs belong to the fantasy much more loyal than to the rates. In the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS and other American leagues carefully guarded the integrity of the game betting in the United States and Canada, supreman, in order to protect athletes from the temptation to put and arrange dogovornyak. In the fantasy factor of match-fixing is practically impossible, so this kind of sports picks is legal.

Fantasy sports increases the popularity of online tournaments are held the TV channels, media, information sites, and cooperation with well-known fantasy brands do command. The most popular among fantasy football, baseball, racing and basketball, but there are Golf tournaments, student basketball, hockey, and European football.

Conclusion for fantasy-betting on football

Betting on fantasy football in 1xbet good coverage of several matches that stretched for the whole day and have a game component. With minimal fee we can provide interest competing for a decent prize Fund. Feel yourself in the role of a coach, choose a composition or breeder, finding good players there, where nobody could see them.


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