Exotic betting markets

Exotic betting markets

Экзотические рынки ставокAmong the sports bookmakers have been an integral part of their lives. No discussion on fans of sporting events is not without fierce debate for every little thing. It has long been it is used by bookmakers, increasing the painted line on the most popular markets. In pursuit of clients, the most creative bookmakers have started to add a little-known sports, singing competitions (Eurovision), political elections, and it’s all based on the reckless passion of the fans. Of course, the authorship of goals and assists, the number of deletions and angular hardly a surprise from the bettors.

These gurus went on, began a new race for the exotic. To understand how exotic markets appear, you can recall the incident in the match “Liverpool” — “Chelsea”, in which Suarez bit Ivanovich. It was not the first case in the performance of Latin American forward, so the bookies have started taking bets on when the next times will show itself the star of Uruguay. You can find many such examples, take the world Cup 2014. This tournament offered such options exotic bets:

— Headbutt an opponent in any match with a condition that the opponent will fall on the lawn (after Zidane) (ratio – 3).

— Balotelli will show his muscles (odd – 11).

— In the world Cup final, Messi will score the hand (odd – 201).

The goalkeeper England will miss the goal (the condition is that both hands of the goalkeeper to touch the ball) (ratio 17).

At this tournament the award has found its hero: Suarez has again bitten an opponent, and the victim was Giorgio Chielini. Similar examples apply not only to football. Tennis tournaments have to guess which of the players will be the loudest to scream on the court. However sometimes curious not seemed offers from BC, chances to win in this dispute is. Should accept such proposals or not? Professional players understand that this situation can’t support your forecast with some calculations, statistics, expert opinion. The work with this painting resembles the conventional understanding of betting.

In the end it turns out that even the gambler, sees that the rates for such events are unlikely to make a profit. But most of these things evoke positive emotions. Some make such bets in order to once again smile and to amuse friends. The bookies also don’t have high hopes on these lines. Their mission — through exotic markets, to promote your brand in the most extensive circles of sports fans, and as it is quite a good move.


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