Errors made by Beltrami on bookmaker forks

Errors made by Beltrami betting on the forks

Ошибки, совершаемые бетторами на букмекерских вилкахIf you know anything about betting, then you surely know what is betting fork. Any bookmaker office can not tolerate “milosnikow”. It turns out, “visocnik” — these are players who are errors bookmakers. Thus, “visocnik” waiting for the right moment to “Shoe” the bookie for money. To get out of the bookmakers is practically not learned, therefore, forced to pay. Not to pay out winnings “vilochnym” is also impossible, because it would seriously damage the reputation.

But the bookmakers every year find new ways of dealing with the “kilocycle”. As a rule, the leading bookmaker, who in spite of an extensive line of errors actually do. However, the options at the bookies to expose the players is always there and they are not few. Inexperienced players often give themselves, but bettary with experience are able to create the bookies a big problem. Understand how “visocnik” not “sleep”.

Don’t bet on an outright fork

In this form of betting professional “visocnik” really earn. It is worth noting that on a fork with income 10% of such player to bet will not. Most likely, this is an obvious error bookmakers, so the bet will be returned and bettor your winnings on the “fork” does not get it. Every betting company has the right without giving reasons to return the rate to the client. The bookmaker can deliberately create such plug to catch “milosnikow”, after which their accounts will be blocked.

Don’t play for broke

In most cases, the size of the bet of the player is from 5 to 15% of the Bank. If the player loses, the next time he puts an amount of money, and if you win, you less. After a big loss or in a fit of excitement normal players can go for broke. But “visocnik” play not. The fact that it is unprofitable to put only 10% of the Bank, because the fork is a 100-percent victory. Why put only part of the money, if you can put a decent amount, and earn. Such people often come to the attention of the security services to bookmakers.

The amount on the personal account should be changed

An unchanged amount in the account is what “visocnik” often claim to be. In order to successfully play the “forks”, you need to have in different offices multiple accounts. Of course, it is convenient for each of the accounts to put the same amount, because it’s easier to monitor the Bank. For example, the account was initially $ 600, and the bet has played, and then won the second bet, and then the wins and losses. When the score was 640 dollars, the bettor made a withdrawal request of 40$. But if after a win, followed by three losses, and the account remains $ 40. The player enters at the expense of $ 560, and the account is again the original amount. In this case, the player gives himself with giblets.


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