Cyber betting

Cyber bets

In the era of information technology the term “cyber” firmly entered the life of modern man. This prefix indicates the relationship of the subject with the virtual world. Not alien to this word and betterof. Cyber bets are gaining popularity, attracting unusual events, saturation points, speed of calculation and the ability to watch a computer simulation like a TV broadcast.

General characteristics of cyber rates

There are 2 similar concepts: “cyber bet” and “e-sports” that sometimes causes misunderstanding.

E – sports computer game involving a professional team. They host tournaments for Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Tanks – competition, where the winner is determined through the efforts of particular players – living people.

In our case it is a virtual sports, in particular 1xBet offers to supply in this format on soccer, hockey, basketball, wrestling, handball, martial arts, tennis.

In the cyber-betting to the outcome of the match is determined by a computer program people, it is not affected.

Cyber bets have a high margin. Bookmaker’s Commission starts from 10% in 1xBet and reaches 20% at competitors. The low rates combined with limited but sufficient line. Cyber football available outcomes, handicaps, totals, next goal, double chance, correct score, individual averages. Line on real football matches is more extensive.

The advantage of cyber-betting – no reference to a specific time. The matches will be played for 20 minutes and is available 24 hours a day. The player has no time and need to analyze the bet. In fact, he does it at random due to the “radar”. The minimum bet at 1xBet – 10 rubles. The maximum amount for cyber rates are set by the bookmaker individually, but not significantly fewer limits real competition.


Bets in 1xBet cyberpatrol done on the Europa League, Champions League and national team games. Each player can watch a video stream of the event with commentary by Yuriy Rozanov and Vladimir Solovyov, that reminds of the game FIFA. Running sweepstakes and cyber-football, including 15 matches. Jackpot reaches tens of millions of rubles. To form a winning strategy for betting on cyberpatrol – is extremely difficult. Statistics of performances of the teams does not affect the line set by the bookmaker. The player can capture some regularities empirically, so you should play on cyberpatrol small amounts. Here the minimum dimensions – maximum luck.


Betting on KabardinoBalkaria in 1xBet are made for the UFC. For each battle provided stream. The winner is revealed for 3 rounds for 5 minutes. Line includes the outcome and the type of victory fighter: on points, by knockout, submission or technical knockout. During the fight, the coefficients are adjusted. For example, if the soldiers lasted two rounds, the quotations to win by knockout increase. This can be achieved. Select the match roughly equal opponents. Put on type of victory “on points”. Wait a few rounds and put on to the opposite outcome. So we get, albeit a small but guaranteed profit. Another thing is that these rates can be disadvantageous because of the high margin it reaches 15%.


Competition for betting on the NBA cyberbunker selected. Each virtual broadcast of the match accompanied by an English review that resembles a NBA simulation from EA Sports. The match lasts for 20 minutes: 4 quarters for 5 minutes. You can put on the outcome, total goals, over / under and handicap. Bookmaker margin in 1xBet – the minimum for this kind of bets and is approximately 8-10%. Doubtful look pause between quarters. They are filled with either a picture, or replays of your best moments – there is the ability to choose which video to start. The undeniable advantage of the real NBA is the Commission the bookmaker. In 1xBet it does not exceed 1-2% for major events.


Cool painting events 1xBet made for cyberjoke.In addition to the outcome, odds, total, there is available markets: correct score, double chance, both teams to score, next goal, individual totals, odd/even. The margin for most events is 10%, but the market for odd/even is only 5%. Based on the games of the Stanley Cup. Broadcasts are accompanied by English commentary and is very similar to the simulator NHL. Betting strategy for cyberjoke reduced to guessing. Unlike cyberpatrol, there is no statistics and standings. Matches are formed randomly, and not as belonging to the Western and Eastern conference. Consistently win, it should be possible only for experienced bettors.


Libertines bets in 1xBet betting company stand apart. Bettors available matches “at all times”. Modern stars such as Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, played with the legends of the past: Eugene of Kafelnikov, Marat Safin, Fernando Gonzalez, and others. Each match is accompanied by a video, which are interesting to watch. Some of the jokes, especially in the men’s matches can last for a few minutes. Among the events in lines are the outcome, total goals, handicap, first one to win the point, individual totals, odd/even. Are the most attractive bets on the games. For example, the feed favorite in men’s singles can be supplied with a ratio of 1.60. Margin for some events does not exceed 7.5% – another plus cybertania.


Cybercandy in 1xBet – the most exotic and exciting virtual sport. Participation in the games take club handball giants, such as Barcelona. Formal duels are held with duration of 2 halves of 30 minutes, but in fact the speed is much higher. Of key events available outcome, over / under, handicap, odd/even, individual averages. Indisputable advantage of this trend of betting – frequent variability of the coefficients. During the match, you can guarantee yourself a profit due to the constant transition initiative from one team to another. However, the player needs to be careful, as the minimum Commission is 10%.

Conclusion on cyber bets

Cyberstalk actively offered by the bookmakers, the leader in this direction – 1xBet. To perceive the virtual sport as a stable source of income – not worth it. To the fore here come the “flair” and good luck. The player can observe some regularities empirically, but there is no guarantee that the computer will not change the model of players behavior. It is better to bet on real sporting events. Here you can win through a qualitative analysis of the match, but the luck factor is minimized.


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