Corners in football strategy

Corners in football

Bookmakers take bets on the long corner (eng. “corners”). Forecasting is not easy, but real, and counting, during observation of the match, exciting and of great interest to gamblers. Let’s deal with this kind of betting and outline the path to profits.

The corner, as statistics show, few depend on the status of the teams.

For example, the game real Madrid with BATE Borisov from Belarus. Clear the status of real Madrid as the favourites in the match does not guarantee multiple the advantage in the corner. The conclusion: watching the line and find a clearly excessive difference in the odds for a corner (usually the handicaps ranged from 1 to 6), for the outsider +4.5 and more is a good option. The game is on the underdogs and big positive odds can bring a good profit, as the favorite of the match is not so often “breaks” the big negative odds. This is especially the case when playing a match means nothing for the standings and the team is playing an experimental line-up.

Ставки на угловые в футболе, стратегии

Total angular

To determine the total the total angular matches it is necessary to answer the following questions:

1) does Playing a highly technical team (special attention should be paid to this analysis, defenders)? If the players are fast and skillful, they will not leave the ball over the end line, and try to knock the ball out of bounds. Please note, as play, for example, defenders Chelsea in this respect – bones lie, but will strike out! So, if Yes, total – less.

2) Playing teams flanks? If you have a good flank Midfielders like Cristiano Ronaldo (real Madrid) or Garrett Bale (Tottenham, England), the corner is consistently a considerable amount. So, the total to be more.

3) do you Play attack high attack? For them, the game will go, so will often feed into the penalty area, common header and the common corner. Again over.

Interesting strategy on betting on the corner

The fact that some bookmakers give to put in one Express to win the match and a victory in the number corner. Quite often, these bets are playing to win. However, the constraints put on minus handicaps ranging from -1 to -4 on the favorite games and on a zero handicap on the same team (win the match). Sample Express:

1) Chelsea — Everton. F1(0) 1.30.

2) Chelsea — Everton. Angular. F1(-2.5) 1.85.

The resulting factor = 2.405.

The 2nd strategy that bets made at a time when the team had just earned a corner. They are often a series of several pieces in a row, like mushrooms-chanterelles in the forest: found one, look next to another. Of course, many offices block the acceptance of bets at the time of the corner, but if you have instant video stream without any time delay, you can bet just at the moment of impact player. Some offices do not have enough operational live and accept your bid. Of course, we bet on total over. And you can take the total maximum possible of those that offered.

Before betting on the corner, you need

1) to Carefully study the statistics – it’s good that now she is in any decent office, and a variety of sites with such information.

2) Find line-UPS (if possible, look at the beginning of the match (at least a few minutes) and make a bet during the game).

3) to Study the rules of the game and the degree of motivation. In particular, at high speeds until the last minutes of the match a chance to earn a corner is much higher. In poor weather conditions (rain, fog, snow) – the same, because the goalkeeper is difficult to catch the ball in his hands and he will try to just hit it to the side.

In short, corners can actively practice and receive a regular income. Be statistics, the latest information and patience – success will definitely attend you in the form of a big win!

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