Control and accounting rates

Control over rates and the necessary software

Laziness and lack of discipline is what keeps a lot of people to achieve success in betting.

According to the survey, only a third of the stakes involved in them are accounting and control.

If you bet for fun, until the account is certainly not necessary, otherwise, it is extremely important — you will always be able to know not only the total financial result, but also to perform their rates on their types (match, total goals, Livet, etc.) and on specific teams, leagues, players. As a result, you will find that some options work better, some worse, so why not learn to find and fix bugs or even to abandon them? How can that be? First of all, after the bets and check the results, take the time to bring in the data. Where, you decide, the options are many.

Accounting in Excel. The Program Sabet

Who doesn’t know Excel? It doesn’t know borders, on the great accounting system Sabet:

  • 50 statistical parameters;
  • Complete statistics for all bets;
  • Full account of the movement on the account:

    statistics for all deposits, withdrawals, bonuses and of course rates;

  • Stats for 15 “bookmakers” and 15 “handicapper”;
  • Betting calculators.

The author did a good job, a lot of features and capabilities, I think its 8$ program costs, especially for You, the author managed to negotiate a 20% discount and you can buy this table for 6.5$ on this link.

If you are handy with Excel, you can do everything yourself. This will give You flexibility and individuality. For example, you can make the speakers in the following sequence: date, sport, championship, match, your choice, factor, outcome, a bet amount, the financial result for the Bank.

Special programs

All networks have a couple of programs TrackBet and BetManager, they cost 10-15$ but advise to use them I can’t, for one simple reason — no one can know that the chips laid for the developers which passwords and where you can go through these programs. If Your computer is access to a money management number of additional programs must be reduced to a minimum, not worth the risk.


Control, helps to understand how you are competent in a particular sport. During the performance of a team. Games on a particular system. much faster you will be able to find your strengths and weaknesses. Only discipline and self-control will help you to reach a profitable level. There is no other way! Good luck with the bidding!

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