Bonushunting as a way of earning on the bookmakers

Bonushunting as a way of earning on the bookmakers

Бонусхантинг как способ заработка на букмекерских конторахIf you have a suggestion, then, as a rule, the attempts to squeeze most of it. And so on the different offers offices designed to attract and retain customers, there was such a curious phenomenon in the world of sports betting, as bonushunting. In short, this is an attempt to make a profit through the optimal use of the various bonuses bookmakers.

Outset that the office is too smart and too long in this business to take this “hunting” as outright “free”. It can be used in the fight for customers of BK are often very generous, but to do this successfully is possible only in the presence of serious bases. It is considered knowledge of the chosen sport and an understanding at least the basics of bookmaking, multiplied by the attention and patience.

Bonus hunting literally means literally, in English, “hunting for items”. The main purpose is pragmatic: to find not only bonuses, but also to convert into cash due to optimum use. Do not forget that the bonuses, all of these programs is a reflection of the war for hitters, and the hope to return this investment through future profits. In this bonusfantasy fail. But it is worth to note again that this is not fraud, this is purely honest, although not the most ethical way of earning money. However, gambling and so this is not perfect.

Experts warn that in any case require and Your investments, at least $ 50 (but better than 200). You must also have a reference to a popular payment system, for example, to the same WebMoney or a Bank card. It is desirable to have scans documents in good quality and specially crafted email address. For earnings you need to look for some “plugs”, but between the bonuses of the various offices, usually on top matches something, there are at least a few. In this case, regardless of the outcome, will still be a profit.

The main difficulty of the tactics that often, especially on first Deposit bookmakers betting requirement to win the prize several times. In this case, banashankari try to put rewarded with a Deposit to put on the event with the minimum acceptable ratio, to compensate for this a small bet on the opposite outcome in another office at a high rate. Yes, you will have to carefully calculate everything, but in the end can be a plus, and good!

As stated by researchers, each experienced boneshaker comes to their system. But the basic rules are always the same: strictly store information about activities, first of all the usernames with passwords, do not deviate from the actual data with the passage of the registration, carefully study all the rules and nuances of the stock, especially wagering, work only with reliable firms. You need to control the situation, so start the hunt with a small number of the sports betting sites — 5, maximum 7. Only after you gain experience you can increase the number of operators.

In the end, bonushunting can be called a promising way to generate income — often optional, but sometimes essential. The main thing — carefully prepared for the work, to confront the bookies.


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