Biathlon Bets: types of bets and pregnacny analysis

Bet on biathlon: types of bets and pregnacny analysis

Ставки на биатлон: виды ставок и предгоночный анализIn the previous article we examined the advantages and disadvantages of betting on biathlon. Now let’s talk about types of bets on the sport, as well as the factors that should be considered in predvanocni analysis.

Types of bets

The winner of the race.

This position offers bettors to determine the race, which will occupy the first place. As a rule, obvious favourites in biathlon, so the coefficient on the main favorite not fall below 2.50. Margin of the bookmaker turns out great, as the number of candidates to win is very impressive.

Place in the top three.

Buttram is invited to guess which of the biathlon will take place on the podium. It is worth noting that the main favorite of the race the odds for this outcome may fall even up to 1.40.

— Who above.

Fans betting on biathlon this position is very popular. But not all bookmakers offer it in their lines. Only at the world Championships in biathlon, which is held once a year, almost all the leading bookmakers are trying to include in-line as many varieties of bets. The margin of the bookmakers on this outcome is also high.

— Misses.

Some bookmakers offer bettors to determine which pairs of athletes will tolerate more mistakes. In most cases the upper limits are quite small.

— Other.

In rare cases, the gambling establishments are invited to deliver on the goals of misses, the number of handicap in Top-6, the country represented by the winner, etc.

Pregnacny analysis

— Current form of the athletes.

After studying the statistics of pure speed and shooting over the last 5-7 starts, you can get the most accurate information on the form of the athletes. This information is specified on the website of the IBU.

— Lubrication.

Fans of biathlon and ski race know that getting into the grease – this is a huge advantage. To determine the quality of the oil by viewing the results of the previous race, or pregnacny workout. Typically, men and women lubrication technologies is the same.

— Motivation.

Without motivation in the sport is nothing to do. A motivated athlete will leave on the last lap all for each second. Neglect total score of the tournament and not worth it. Changes in your personal life and home stages also affect motivation.

— The weather.

To affect this factor is not state no. However, to predict the situation in advance. If the snow is all being amplified to bet better at biathlon, which are located at the beginning of the start Protocol. The fact that the new snow will lead to the fact that at the end of the race the track will be broken, and this significantly slows down. If weather conditions are severe throughout the race, the advantage is on the side of good skiers, but not excellent snipers, because the bad weather levels the playing field all on the firing line.


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