Betting Strategy on “bunkers”

Betting strategy on “slam dunks”

Стратегия ставок на «верняки»Professional gamblers try to avoid bets on events with very low odds. It often happens that the bookies especially underestimate quotes on favorites.

The fact that Barcelona or Bayern in matches against outsiders, battery always put. Special profit from betting on the obvious favorites will not get to the same bookmaker margin eats up a portion of the profits. But favorites don’t win always, so long distance it’s hard to be in the black. Events, quotes which are very low. Even if you manage to win almost faultlessly, the Bank will grow slowly. But if one of the bets loses, then to need 10 or even 20 matches to win.

But if you chose the matches with low odds, you need to play at a competent strategy. The main thing is possible to select the “bunkers” in the line of the bookmaker. These may include only those matches, the outcome of which is no doubt even the slightest. To bring an example of such a “sure thing” is not hard. Consider a football match. If in the first half, the teams did not score goals and in attack are not the best way, at halftime, you can bet TM (4.5). To do the parlay this strategy is not recommended, because the bookmaker’s margin is growing with each new event.

About the size of the bet also we should not forget. The maximum rate of 15% from the Bank. If you put half of the funds allocated to the game at the bookmaker and lose, then to win will have quite a long time, making predictions of outcomes with a very low coefficient. If you have even the slightest doubt as to the outcome of the match, such match should be abandoned. Before you bet, you need to carefully study the statistics of personal meetings. A must see if in the history of opposition of these commands of unexpected results. We all know the concept of “awkward opponent”, and there are cases when an obvious favorite, can’t beat a team several games in a row.

Having failed, not to lose composure. Do not try to immediately recoup. Emotions will be stronger of mind that can lead to loss of the whole Bank. While betting in live betting strategy on bunkers will become more efficient, because in just a few seconds, the quotes may grow at times, and this has a positive impact on your income.


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