Betting Strategy low odds

Betting strategy low odds

Стратегия ставок на низкие коэффициентыAlmost every player bookmakers will tell you that betting strategy low odds will always be losing. However, by choosing the right tactics, you can get good profit even if you bet on events with low odds. The success of this tactic is affected by the skills, exposure and knowledge of the bettor.

Where to put?

The best bet at lower odds to those bookmakers in which you live-the section is well developed. On how to choose a reliable bookmaker we won’t say, because you so well to know. It is the live section as soon as possible to supply a large number of bets and quick to get the result. You can also bet on the betting exchanges.

The coefficients

First and foremost, we must pay attention to the ratio, not the event itself. Share rates into three categories:

1.01–1.02 is our working ratios, with whom we will work most often.

1.03 – bets should be made with caution.

1.04–1.05 – without an analysis of betting can be dangerous.

We should not think that the factor 1.05 is not the 95% chance of winning. You need to consider the margin of the bookmaker. Ratio 1.05 taking into account the margin approximates the real 1.10.

How to manage a Bank?

Football matches are best suited for this strategy. For example, the first half of a soccer match ended with the score 1:0. I think the teams will score in this match 5 goals at least? It is impossible in the vast majority of cases. Bet on total under (5.5) with a coefficient of 1.02. The advantage of such rates is that it is possible to soberly assess the situation, if you watch the match. The Bank should be divided into 10 parts. For example, the amount is $1000. In this case, betting $100. Rate ratio 1.02 will bring you $2. Over time it is really such matches to find about 10 that will earn $20.


1. In case of loss takes a long time to recoup, and this is a painful lesson.

.2. After losing, you will run into a rash that will lead to even more substantial losses.

3. You can’t always bet on the required amount.

4. Takes a lot of time.

5. To analyze all the events seriously, if the matches are held at the same time.


1. Little risk of losing their money.

2. Huge selection of events that fit the strategy.

3. No need to carefully study the opponents.

4. The turnover is very fast.


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