Betting Strategy in extra time in football

Betting strategy in extra time in football

Стратегия ставок на дополнительное время в футболеTo successfully bet on extra time in a football match, you need to pay attention to the statistics of the arbitrator that caters to match.

Have to take into account all football referees, some of them can be grouped into a separate category. Their approach is that with each change in the game, the referees add a minimum of 30 seconds of stoppage time. But there are other judges – to the first half, they always add the standard time. All these nuances need to understand every detail, and it will allow you to make more successful bets.

As for predictions for the added time of the second half, then be sure to watch the matches in which the arbitrator selected. Any event in the meeting could affect his decision. There are teams that deliberately delaying the time, and it judges remains. If the referee notice is the behavior of the players, then with high probability the team will play more than 45 minutes. If the match is stopped for a long time (the behavior of fans, medical care footballer), minutes of stoppage time will be added necessarily.

Betting strategy in extra time in football involves watching match live. The client of the bookmaker in this case, it will be able to predict the exact time of minutes added to each half. Specialized programs and research centers bookmakers do not always correctly determine the odds for extra time. Of course, this betting system is the original. Experienced players easier to find better rates, but at a long distance of success will not be achieved, if you do not watch live broadcast of the match and the statistics.

It is logical that the more chances to score a goal in the match where added minutes of stoppage time will be more. Also a lot of goals hammered in the final minutes in matches where the favorites lose obvious outsiders. Except that favorites are often played in such matches, and outsiders rarely realize the counter attack when a team is a favourite went broke and all the staff is trying to put the opponents under pressure. Betting strategy in extra time in football has its risks, like any other strategy, so hasty and ambiguous bets.


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