Betting Strategy hockey: Dogon on the total period

Betting strategy hockey: Dogon on the total period

Стратегия ставок на хоккей: догон на тотале периодаBetting strategies with the use of the Dogon, the bookmakers are popular enough style of play. The strategy represents the increase every next bet after losing twice. Based on the strategy of the Dogon for hockey, there are also multiple betting options. Strategy involves betting on each period of the match, with a decrease or increase of stakes.

Where to start?

First you need to find suitable matches for betting on the total Dogon, as well as the format and time of the beginning of the match. To play this strategy must exclusively live. Before the start of the match, bets will not need to do, but about all in sequence. When choosing the match you need to analyze statistical indicators of the rivals. Bookmakers don’t broadcast all the matches, but we need just one for which we will be able to follow. Fit that game on which the bookmaker sets the total 1.5 periods. It is better to choose opponents that play is not very effective. The odds that the first period will not be thrown more than one washer is around 1.90-2.10.

What to put?

For the selected match bet on the fact that in the first period will be neglected at least 1.5 goals. If the bet wins, we’re not putting on the match and find another to start with the first step. Practice shows that the first period is the most effective, because in the beginning of the match no one is running forward at breakneck speed.

If the first bet loses, you continue to put it on. Again focus on TM (1.5), but this time double the bet amount. Depending on how many have been goals in the opening period, goals may vary, but these cases are very rare. If the rate on the second period of the win, looking for another match. In the case where the lost and the second bet, increase the bet amount in the third period twice. If the match is not stopped none of the bids, makes a quarter while also increasing its amount twice.

Strategy the Dogon implies the presence of a sufficiently large capital to be enough for 8-10 steps. Novice player, this strategy can be scary, but it allows you to earn a very good amount. If you bet before the matches, the Bank will grow not productive and slow.


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