betting Strategy for football: live-Dogon outsider

Strategy football betting: live-Dogon outsider

Стратегия ставок на футбол: live-догон аутсайдераHow to earn a match with an obvious outcome without much risk? Today we show you how to raise good money for the confrontation between underdog and favorite. This strategy is a godsend for a capper with a large Bank for any beginner or player with a certain amount of patience.

From words to action — take consideration of the Spanish championship, where the rules of the game dictate the two teams, for decades the head of the table. It is, of course, about the “Real” and “Barcelona”. Very bright event, confirming our strategy occurred in the 14th round of the Examples in 2015. Then, “Valencia” played at the home stadium of the Catalan “Barcelona”. The meeting, which had for all the obvious outcome, compounded by the fact that the change of the head coach of the hosts. It is not surprising that the bookies have evaluated the victory of the Catalans at just 1.24, while at Valencia, the ratio was 13. In these games you need to play a positive handicap on a weak team in the beginning of the match. Due to the fact that a considerable part of the bets in these games have on the favorite, sportsbooks lower bets, respectively, increasing on the underdog. In this case before the match on handicap of +2.5 at Valencia could play in a factor of 1.80, but after the starting whistle, the bookmakers have offered the 2.0.

Go directly to the procedure of betting. In the presence of almost any capital, it is best to put five percent of the total, in order to reduce the risk. The selected amount will ship in this case on a positive handicap “Valencia” and wait for the result. After a dry first half odds on our odds to fall by almost half, however, scored in the 60th minute a goal in gate of owners returns the coefficients in its place. However, until the end of the match there was half an hour, and our rate has not played, Barcelona had to score two goals and never miss. The result of the match was draw (1:1), and we became the owners a tidy sum.

But beyond such simple classifications, there are matches and more complicated. For example, in the same round, the meeting of real Madrid and the team Getafe. Absolute advantage “real” has confirmed the devastating score 4:1. In the beginning of the match the guests could play on the handicap for +3 by a factor of 2. In the first minutes of the Madrid team opened the scoring, and bookmakers are already offering us to play +4 at Getafe on equal terms, accepting the offer of the bookmakers, we bet twice, that is, the Dogon do to protect yourself in case of loss of the first bet. With each subsequent goal of “real” BC increased the odds for equiprobable outcomes, and every time we took a bet double the last bet. In the end, we made 5 bets, 4 of which brought us a profit, and one return.


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