Betting Strategies on volleyball

Betting strategies on volleyball

Volleyball – a game with frequently changing scenario of the match, ideal for use of different strategies of sports betting in live and tactics based on the strategy of catching up. In volleyball, even during one of the set changes several times leading the account team, and thus the coefficients.

Betting strategy on the sets in volleyball

In volleyball play to win in three sets and rarely odds of winning teams are equal. In 80% of cases in the match has a distinct favorite, to win whom the bookies give a quotation in the area of 1.1-1.3 and an outsider with a decent coefiicients.

Odds on favorites are insignificant, because they are more likely to win, but not always one-sided, i.e. with the score 3:0 in sets. This assumption is based betting strategy in sets on the team, considered the outsider. It is combined with the tactics of Dogon used in betting on volleyball as an auxiliary tool.

Before the match, put a fixed amount on the victory of the underdog in the first set. To choose matches where the other team doesn’t look real outsider. The rate does not pass – prolonged following on the victory in the second set and so on. Favorit relax – in the beginning, the middle, the end. It depends on the nature of the game and the challenges facing the team.

A particularly effective tactic in League matches. There are strong teams often use of reservists, when they lead the score, but in the playoffs should play this strategy with caution.

Strategy of betting against the feed in live

According to statistics in volleyball in a match of equal team points most wins of the host team. This is easily explained by the fact that to receive and prepare the attack the opponent is easier than after a strike in the vicinity of the grid. On this particular volleyball and based strategy against a pitcher.

You need to play a live bet on the winner of the nearest draw – in live there are bets in every volleyball match. Set at a fixed amount without increasing bet amount. The only time – office has a small gap in time for the placement of such bets. Choose the bookie with the ability to place bets in one click without lagging line in live, a comfortable interface.

The strategy is catching on volleyball live

Threat (deprecated us) strategy of the Dogon is an auxiliary tool in other tactical approaches to sports betting. Effective use of this strategy in live requires a bookmaker, taking bets on volleyball “Who will win the next point?”. It is important to ensure a high quality, not lagging in the time stream of the match. Ideally, window live betting Sportsbook, which is quite real.

In a match of equal forces teams, a bet on the following points is equal to 1.8-2.0, which allows you to play catching up. For example, in the match Holland – Cuba put on what the first point will win Cuba for 1.9. Auction – make new for the same amount. No double bet amount and again put on Cuba – until, until she wins the point. Next – the new chain with the initial amount.

In volleyball rare one team in a match of equal opponents issues a series of 6-7 points in a row, but it is important to feel the moment when to stop by 4-5 rate by setting yourself a limit. The intelligent use of strategy of catching up with the game on the glasses in volleyball can bring success.

It is important

  • choose the correct match.
  • to find quality live with good conversion rates and operational update accounts and quotes;
  • to make quick decisions;
  • to understand the volleyball and watch the game.

Betting on the underdog with a safety net in live

Bets on underdogs is based on podstrahovyvaem original bet in live, taking a small but guaranteed win.

Before the match the victory of the underdog in the match or in the game, the bookmaker gives the ratio in area 3.0 and above, but the minion does not immediately begin to carry forward legs of the opponent usually starts the games exchange points, and the leap from the outsider, motivated and ready to deliver early in the game.

Choose a time when the safety net of your initial bet in live give a small gain. This rate is particularly effective in firms with a mechanism for early withdrawal rates – then there is no need to calculate the amount of hedging by pressing the “Withdraw winnings” at the right time, while the favorite did not Wake up and began to play at full strength.

Search strategy forks in live

Volleyball – perfect for this strategy. Odds to win the set in the matches of equal teams walk around a 2.0 in the course of the match, which is ideal for search forks.

Effectively this strategy works in the end equal set, when the score reaches 22:23, 23:24, etc Favorite changes almost after each draw and catch the plug for a couple minutes, a few jokes. Put on the team, odds to win which is higher than 2.0, and then wait for the odds on the opponent will not rise above 2.0. Such swings in volleyball matches were equal rivals – a common occurrence. During one party may have several “forks”.

Features of bets on volleyball

In volleyball there are nuances and patterns that visible not all. So, according to statistics of the men’s team play a much more stable and the favorites here to win by a large margin and a 3:0 score more often. All strategies based on betting on the underdog and the overrated coefficients should be used in women’s volleyball. According to statistics, the popularity of betting on the male above, but return for the players above with the ladies!

In summer, competitions in beach volleyball, but they are far from the popularity of classic – according to the statistics of bookmakers, at best, betting on these sports is distributed in the ratio 75/25.

There are coaches who have the habit to use with the score 2:0 in the third set, reservists and this knowledge will help to create the right strategy or take advantage of them.

Volleyball is a Royal sport for players specializing in live betting. The level difference and frequency shift of the game scenario with volleyball hardly be compared, because this sport is popular with live players.

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