betting Strategies for sports with minimal risk

Strategy sports betting with minimal risk

Successful sports betting is hard work. Each analysis should match, paying attention to even minor factors. To win at the bookmaker without a systematic approach problematic. In public access there are dozens of strategies, but use them blindly – not a good idea, where reasonable to do testing with minimal risk to the wallet, to reveal negative aspects and try to adjust.

The theory of minimum risk strategies

The main task of the beginner – the combination of the methods of financial stability and betting strategies. The first is aimed at control of the Bank, the second – choice, according to level of knowledge in a specific sport.

As a rule, the betting system is produced over time, each independently, and for the beginning suggest to refer to the basic options.

The key is the process of testing a strategy. To understand its effectiveness, you will need some sort of time period. First, you need to decide initial size of the Bank, and use the allocated amount only in the framework of the plan, and not to make indiscriminate live betting, etc. second, there is the question of the proper management of capital. For example, the permeability (=the percentage of guessing) your predictions is 60%. As in this figure to provide the maximum profit with minimal risk?

System capital management for minimum risk

Extremely safe for wallet the approach is considered “flat”. It involves betting a fixed percentage of the initial Bank. The amount is not revised until the player reaches a certain growth: for example, 20% of the Bank. It is possible to link the rates with a certain time period. For example, in the course of a month to play a fixed amount, and then, based on the results, increase or decrease it. The profit can be collected, leaving the bet size unchanged. Even if your strategy will be ineffective, the actual losses will be minimal.

Flat is not necessarily linked to the amount of the initial Bank – put in percentage of the current capital. For example, you rose from 100 to 110$. Instead of 2, you can put a 2.2$. Another option is to link strategy with a fixed payout. For example, regardless of the ratio of plan revenue – $ 2. When cafe of 5.00 you bet$ 0.5, the value of 1.2 when the amount will be$ 10. The effectiveness of dynamic flat – largely controversial. Not played a factor 1.2 will have to make up for a very long time.

Bookmakers with minimum rates in rubles

Bookmaker Leon attractive to test any sports strategies. High quality painting matches a variety of payment systems, the rapid calculation of rates are only part of the benefits of the BK. It is important that the first Deposit is charged 100% bonus up to $ 300 (equivalent in rubles), able to cover a portion of potential losses.

Minimum bet = 5 rubles allows the bettor to experience the most daring ideas in the development of a personal strategy of sports betting.


Office 1xBet – is good for beginners with a wide scope for experimentation. Hundreds of matches in live mode, a huge variety of markets on dozens of sports, the presence of specific additional rates – here are the pros associated with the line. 1iks offers high odds, to become a effective strategy with not very high traffic.

Available to all betting: minimum bet = 10 rubles. Regular players 1xbet happy bonus incentives.


Conclusion on strategies bets with minimal risk

The category of “risk” is an estimate. To make it easier to endure the adverse consequences from incorrect outcomes of matches, slidetime for financial discipline. Before the game a “big”, check the strategy minimum rates for a long distance, especially bookmaker 1xBet Leon and limits 5-10 rubles is welcome.

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