Betting Strategies basketball

Betting strategies basketball

Basketball is the third sport in turnover bookmakers (behind football and tennis). The game is dynamic, with frequent changes leading to the team score and are in demand among fans of different strategies of betting.

Win-win strategy “corridor” in basketball

“Corridor” refers to the number of win-win strategies of basketball. Reminiscent of “forks”, but with the option of a refund or partial loss, if the result of the match will not get to the intended player period.

The essence of the “corridor”: Say, “Shark – Crocodile” one office gives a head start (-6,5) in the “Sharks” with the quote of 2.0 and the other (+8,5) “Green” with the same ratio of 2.0. Put on 100 for.e. on both and watching the result:

  • Sharks win 9 or more points. We win the first bet, but get down the second, in the end staying at their money;
  • Sharks win in 6 or less points, including lose. Win the second, but losing the first and once again, zero;
  • when the Sharks win 7-8 points we’ll win both bets and get 200.e. net profit. This is the corridor that you want to “aim”.

The described situation is perfect – in reality, the odds 2.0 are hard to find and there is a risk of losing part of the Bank, but if the corridor is wider than two points, the game is worth the candle. Previously, the corridors were looking for in the provisional line, playing in the same match by the bookmakers.

Effective strategy of the corridor live. The value of the odds during the game is changing and with the right approach to find a gap of 8-10 points, generating a guaranteed doubling of the Bank’s real! Choose the right fight, feel it’s rhythm in time to “close” the corridor. Basketball – the game is dynamic and the scenario of the match changed often.

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Strategy catching up on the quarters in basketball

The structure of the basketball match is ideal for the implementation of risky strategy of catching up (to put on an event, doubling the amount while the rate does not play). Basketball game consists of quarters, and it is a good distance for catching up, in contrast to soccer, with two halves and hockey three periods.

Tactics of catching quarters in basketball based on the assertion that a rare meeting ends with the victory of one of the teams in all periods of the game. If you take a match where there is not a pronounced favorite, in this case, the victory of the outsider at ten the coefficient is 2.0 and above.

The game begins with a bet on the underdog in the first 1/4. Favorite starts the game without proper concentration and giving a head start to the enemy. The tactics of the Dogon often winning at the first step. In case of victory of the second team taking the win and ending the cycle. Bet – double the amount for the victory of the underdog in the second quarter and so on. The favourite will concede at least one period – the strategy of the Dogon will bring a doubling of the original fee.

The risk is that the favorite will win all periods, but with a reasonable choice of the match, such a situation is unlikely. Take the results of the March 5, 2016 in the NBA. Of the ten matches in one favorite won all quarters. It strong the team played on the home floor against the weak – “Cleveland” ripped “Washington” 108-83. In another meeting “Orlando” – “the Phoenix” in two 1/4 was recorded a draw – not to put the victory of the underdog, and in its noprogress if allows line.

In nine cases out of ten the strategy of catching quarters successful with the NBA. The main thing – not to get to the match, held one wicket. Even in such cases, the favorite is often too relaxed. Example, the Lakers – Atlanta the same game day. Even the hawks have won 29 points, but gave the third period the “Lake”.

Understand Dogon – a dangerous tactic, with the risk to get in contact with a series of adverse results. In this strategy, take for granted the potential to lose four times in a row and do not continue the chain catching on other fights. The player’s goal in the Dogon quarters to a basketball game – you successfully choose the matches, avoiding the obviously “odnokletochnykh”. Losses are an exceptional rarity that will be the secret of success.

Betting basketball strategy odd-even quarter

As an example of failed catching – betting strategy to even-odd quarters. Tactics are based on pure statistics and the claim that in 90% there is no way that in one match all of the 4 and played the NYM account total is odd or even. Approved given that the Dogon achieve a positive balance of bets on any match, as a bet on even-odd total in quarters usually pass with odds of 1.9.

Approach categorically does not confirm the actual results, since in the same gaming day on March 5 in the NBA, we have taken as a basis for studying the effectiveness of the strategies was 3 match where all quarters have been played by governmental or odd totals. The system is inferior in efficiency to the Dogon quarters and using it will cause large financial losses. Reproduced as a warning that Dogon should be used with great caution.

Betting strategy for basketball in live

There is a basketball strategy based on the waiting time of relaxation favorite. Operate so observed over the course of the match and at the moment when one of the teams will lead with a decent gap, we put on winning in the next period of the enemy, trying to win. Even the professionals, winning 15-20 points back, relax, while the enemy is trying at all costs to win.

Another variation of this strategy is to put on the underdog after a favorite has won one or two quarters. But in this situation the player does not receive income on the start of relaxation of the leader – according to statistics, the underdog often wins the first and third parts of the game, but the second and final remain the favorite.

Betting strategy in basketball at plus odds

In basketball predictions on the winner of the match unpopular – the odds on them are low, in contrast to betting on handicap. Sometimes players forget that basketball players are not the result subject to the handicap. The goal is simply to win.

Because in basketball should critically evaluate the negative odds and to bet that the underdog will not lose with a certain number of points. Overrated by the bookies looking for odds using statistics, calculating the average performance of teams, and someone who trusts his intuition and ability to analyze the play of the teams.

Betting on a plus handicap combined with the strategy of the corridor, podstrahovyvayas in live during the match, if there is a sense that handicap may not pass. There is a variant when it will be not only original bet, but also safety.

The strategy of betting basketball from the Shchukin

Bookmakers in drawing the lines use a variety of statistical calculations of the totals – they do not take them from the ceiling. But they could be wrong or the scoring algorithm is not perfect. This statement is based tactics game on the basketball, based on the estimation of totals Shchukin.

Putting on this strategy, consider the last 5-7 matches found rivals. Add up all the points scored by the home team, dividing them by the number of played duels. Add the number 3 – so-called “master” bonus. Add one point for a win and subtract one and a half points for a loss. Believe total and guests, but don’t add the three points.

Viewed personal meetings teams in three years. Similarly, we calculate the average individual total, add it to the first result and divide in half. It turns out the expected score, and with it probable total (if you add up the number of points teams). If the difference between the calculation according to the method of Shchukin and increased in line more than five points – the game better to miss. In such a situation, most often in one of the teams have serious personnel issues that are not measured by statistics, but the impact on specific match is stronger than all previous results of the teams.

Self-evaluation total meetings, develops the ability to think analytically. In fact, the player takes the place of a bookmaker and trying to find the best option in the statistical calculation of the probable number of points. To understand how a line bookmaker, that means increase the chances to beat him.

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