Betting Rules bookmakers

Betting rules bookmakers

Every person that comes in the Sportsbook or playing on the Internet should be the first thing to get acquainted with the rules of this office is to pay attention to the basic moments and to learn the nuances of policy rates.

Betting rules — a kind of contract, public offer, the contract. Starting to put the rookie acknowledges and accepts them. According to their legal entity rules, BK constitute a contract of adhesion. The player cannot affect the terms of the agreement, he only accepts/rejects them.

The most important rules of betting in bookmakers

1. If you want to get bonus — look closely at the terms of his wager. Usually, you have to bet no less than a factor of 1.5 to 2.0. The amount of the Deposit and bonus need to have a certain number of times (the vager).

2. There are restrictions on withdrawal, including upon receipt of the bonus. Often, for some time, during which you cannot withdraw money from the account after the Deposit. This is to ensure that the office is not used “visocnik” and not considered as an exchange of currency from one system to another. View what is the fee for withdrawal. Some bookies require you to wager 1 time the Deposit amount before withdrawal, otherwise, a fee will be charged.

Betting rules bookmakers

3. How to take into account the game in overtime. As against the outcome of the match, and to total. This point relates to basketball and hockey. Some firms give factors with overtime (in hockey, even with the shootout or not), others only for the main time. This should be considered when comparing proposals.

4. If a match is not completed, for any reason, then a minute is considered to be the outcome. The fact that the rules of many offices, the match is considered valid, even if the competition itself was interrupted. For example, if football was played 80 minutes and suddenly the match is interrupted, then payment will be in accordance with the played minutes and should not expect to return. The same can be said about tennis, if due to injury one of the participants in the match is not finished, and it’s a pretty common situation.

5. Is there an open struggle with successful players — points to close the account without any reason, to refuse to accept bets, limit it to the maximum. Sometimes bookmakers allocate the right arbitrarily to make the return rate, including by calculated.

6. How are controversies resolved. They are usually always decided by the office, but often the Western bookmakers are professional associations where to go in case of unsolvable problems.

7. If you have found a bug in line – you will make a return. Bookmakers are people who make mistakes. Very often the punctures happen in live betting. To use them, but the payout is a big question. As a rule, bookmakers include the rules of the item on the return rates in these cases.

8. The maximum payout ratio and the payout. The limitation on winnings can be installed on a single bet and for the certain term not exceeding 5 million rubles in a week. The payout ratio can also be restricted. However, this item is rarely used – it’s not every day you win multiple bets with odds greater than 1000.

Rules bookmakers is strictly prohibited

9. The ban on underage betting. No legal bookmaker will not accept bets from persons under the age of 18. In the Russian legislation the age of majority is accompanied by the acquisition of civil capacity – the ability of their actions to acquire rights and bear obligations. A person under 18 years can not register in BC technically: fail to submit the registration form. To work around this situation by creating account on relatives is theoretically possible, and even fictional data – do not, at verification of documents bookie with ease you will be detected.

10. You can’t have multiple accounts in one BK. 99% of bookmakers are strictly forbidden to have 2 or more accounts. This prohibition is trying to circumvent the “bonus hunters” and “visocnik”, setting the stage for another account after you block the same. To engage in such dangerous practices. Security bookmakers are on the alert. At any time they can block the account, taking away there money and you will expose a violator of the rules.

11. Try to put more than limit. Bookmakers exhibit certain maximums bets for each match. To put more of the agreed amount will fail technically: the office will not accept the bet. Some bookmakers allow VIP rates – in excess of the limit. Issue is seen after treatment support.

Conclusion according to the rules of betting in bookmakers

A good habit of playing online will be reviewing the rules of the bookmaker, their careful scrutiny increases the chances of success + soothes well. And in betting it is better to take them more often. At least there will be a document that can help in contentious situations, or to protect from them.

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