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Betting on poker. What no bets no poker

In recent time, some not very well known and reputable firms are moving casino betting on poker. No, not on poker tournaments, where participants are well-known players and you can bet on the winner, and the usual virtual sweepstakes, where a table sits a certain number of players open cards and provides quotes for the winner.

How and where bets are accepted on poker

Without personal participation in the hand the player makes a bet on who according to him should win. Quotes are constantly changing depending on what cards are dealt to the flop and between their surrender there are certain time intervals, usually one minute, in which the player can able to bet on any combination of cards. Preflop minute pause – flop – minute – turn – min river, the announcement of the winner, the calculation of rates. The latter may happen sooner if the last card has not change anything in the final scenario, which is not so rare.

Often the virtual casino table sits four players, but there are other options – six players, not necessarily play in Texas, but in other variations of poker.

Why this game is for only not the most reputable bookmakers and not taken on arms by leading representatives of gambling business and whether the General attitude of this game with bets or poker? A mixture of a bulldog with a Rhino, betting poker, but really – neither one nor the other, and the third – the usual computer game, in which you can be confident that all is fair in not giving up the flop, the cards that are most satisfied with the office and are unlikely to get pleasure from poker game.

bet on poker distort the essence of the game

If so, do you think you know poker, you can count the probability of different combinations during the game, you should understand that make it better than a computer is impossible. And in those coefficients that define the BC has laid some guaranteed income office, even if all is fair and the cards are dealt randomly, in this kind of toys is not always the case.

In the best case of bet on poker – play against the theory of probability (as in casinos), with no chance of winning on the course.

Again, if you’re really good at poker need to understand that the whole point of this game is not only how to assess the win-win of a particular combination, but also in the ability to predict what cards are in the opponents, use many psychological tricks to connect, if necessary acting skills (for playing live), etc. Betting on poker in the casino will claim only the ability to evaluate the combination is a surrogate of poker, a liquid soup instead of a hearty soup with many ingredients.

It is clear that the bookmakers come up with new kinds of fun, but betting on poker is not much different from betting on the record of dog races, which do not need any knowledge, that is the lesson that perverts the very essence of betting, however, depriving you of the greater part of the components of the game of poker.

It is because such entertainment can be found only on the websites of little-known firms or monitors the betting, posted separately from quotes, the most bookmaker – close to various lotteries, virtual games and variations casino. For any reputable bookmaker to offer betting-poker substitute – not to respect themselves.

Insights for betting on poker

Poker is poker, the game combines a lot of influence on the outcome of factors as mathematical, and psychological. Bet – at its essence a wager, giving you the opportunity to assess their ability to think analytically, to predict sports or other events. Betting poker neither one nor the other – because they should be categorized as banal virtual games that do not require intelligence.

If you like poker then play in a good poker room like 888poker or Pokerstars.

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