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According to modern dictionaries of the Russian language virtual = possible, however, in common parlance, the word is clearly associated with virtual reality — similar to the present computer model. It also is a virtual soccer bookmakers is an artificial simulation of the real game in all its canons and principles. While this virtualization cannot be compared with the matches of these teams, broadcast on TV, but who knows, maybe this stage is waiting for us in the near future. For many Playstation fans it with their games already supersedes reality, the popularity of FIFA (virtual soccer) and other sports among the population is immense, the graphics so that virtual reality seems real, and this is only the beginning, because progress is not in place.

In a parallel direction Hollywood shot spectacular big-budget movies, where all traced computer (virtual) characters, including deceased actors who look like live. Virtual football is already absolutely real, simulates the course of the game. Theoretically nothing prevents to put it together, with football stars can exist in reality and to serve as prototypes of virtual players or not, the only question the high cost of cool computers and highly skilled professionals used in the industry. However, some believe that this whole world of computer simulation and movies about the matrix not too much fiction.

virtual football today

No matter how wonderful the future, currently virtual football is a wonderful additional entertainment for fans of betting in bookmakers with many positive points:

  • The match continues very quickly, did not have time to put in a few minutes received payment ;
  • At any time of the day or night there are plenty of matches to bet on. Game never stop, never take a day off, holidays, vacations and off — season- tale for both bookmakers and players. Leading the championship are not always on, rather bet on the 3rd Argentine League or fantasy football in our view, comparable;
  • Doesn’t happen match-fixing, they are certainly not so frequent, but sometimes happens, and then it is not important the balance of power and what did the players.
  • The player does not waste time on analysis and preparation of rates, he could use the lack of information that saves it from the wrong assessment of the situation in their damage and leaves a one-on-one only with probability. Nothing will affect the gameplay, though weather, injury, or arrival of aliens.

bets on virtual football

So virtual soccer bookmakers is created by the computer (image real) players, teams, schedule games and events in them, and even 3D broadcast of all important points, i.e. all there is to know about the real football match, even if you watch it on TV.

In different offices virtual soccer is the same, since 2011, it comes company Betradar. her services are not cheap, so only betting with good financial capability can allow such cooperation.

Each match lasts 90 seconds, i.e. 60 times faster. With a break and pause before and after the match for bets one round takes 4 minutes 35 seconds.

In the League of 16 teams, so each round is played 8 games. Season passes for 30 rounds for a little over 2 hours. Per day taken 2400 betting options.

How to bet on virtual football

We offer you to familiarize with the bidding process on the example of office Leonbets. To begin, open the appropriate section on the website of the office:

You will open a window where will be displayed all information about the current round, the standings in the League and a particular match.

If you want you can open any stream by clicking the “play” before the designation of the desired game table live results. In the same row when clicking on the form, see the plan teams on the game and information about specific players.

When you click on the angle with the schedule opens center statistics, information about meetings, etc. — in General, everything is as in real football with the expectation that people will accept virtual at its best.

Types of bets on virtual football

Bets on virtual football are accepted on all popular versions of real football: the outcome of the match (1-X-2), the winner of the 1st half, correct score , first goal, handicap (handicap), total goals (all goals). You can combine them with each other, but to combine in espressi with real competition impossible.

strategy and the theory of bets on virtual football

First of all, try to understand that mathematical advantage initially on the side of the bookie and laid down in the strategy (= the margin or Commission), as well as in all other types of bets. To cheat the odds and beat the office’s mathematically impossible, if some that such a strategy existed, it would have quickly led to bankruptcy of the betting, but the closure of the (modified) virtual football 100%.

If betting on real events you have a chance to beat the bookie at the expense of a better analysis (understanding) games, virtual football, it is just impossible, because everything is generated by the computer randomly. Speaking philosophically, there is nothing random in the world and it is theoretically possible to predict every event, but to talk about the reality of this possibility in relation to virtual football funny. Even intuition, is able to help with any questions when it comes to the conversation associated with the money is silent, or gives incorrect answers, but to try to find contact with her is always helpful.

However, at some short distance in the race with the bookies to go of course really use all the usual betting strategies on football remember the strategy of capital management safe and risky, who wants nothing specifically on betting on virtual football to come up with problematic.

Where to bet on virtual football


Virtual sports bookmaker Leon presents football, tennis and basketball. Of special interest is the virtual football with the opportunity to wager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the season involves 16 teams, the competition is held in 2 rounds and include 30 rounds. Matches are simulated with the statistics of the teams, number of goals scored and conceded, and even the functional condition of the players.

The line includes an impressive range of events: the outcome, Asian handicap, correct score, total goals, the result after the first half and others. The maximum bet amount is $ 200 minimum – $ 1. For the convenience of users organized live broadcast of the match. Savings can be seen in text comments.



Ставки на виртуальный футбол

The virtual football League in 1xbet has specificity. Each round is held in 8 matches – this diversity allows the Amateur bets to make an informed and correct choice. In addition, the virtual football in the Sportsbook, Sportingbet intensive mode: conduct 1 round takes 5 minutes of your time. The match consists of 2 halves, fifteen minutes, half time is 10 seconds. Also some time is spent on pre-match preparation.

There is a section “Ticker” that allows you to track key events in the match. To bet on virtual football, you can not only single bets and parlays, but also systems. The teams in the leagues are named by the names of cities, for example “VFL Zagreb”. However, belonging to the city do not attach much importance. In the simulated match Ankara could easily beat Madrid.


Typical questions and answers for bets on virtual football

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