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One of the most common bookmakers, is a bet on number of goals, goals, points, etc. in the match or part thereof. Our office is called these rates “total”, total English (=the end), and foreign — just “number of goals”. In essence total football and other sports did not differ.

total — so a bet on number of goals, etc.

Betting the total for each number given 2 options: TB (over), when the number of heads are projected in excess of a stated figure and TM (under) in the opposite case. This allows you to give people a choice and acceptable coefficients. For example, one put on >2.5, the other <2.5.

Ставки на тотал. Что это такое?

Total necessarily taken on the outcome of the whole match, popular games can be accessed, betting halves, result, yellow cards, penalties and everything.

The species total for the calculation

Classic total

A multiple of 0.5 (1.5, 2.5, etc.) has 2 outcomes – more/less (won/lost).

If total of integer (1.0, 2.0, 3.0), it is possible to return, see examples:

TB 0.5 TB 1 TB 1.5 TB 2 TB 2.5 TB 3 TB 3.5 TB 4 TB 4.5 TB 5 TB 5.5 TB 6

TM 0.5 TM 1.5 TM 1 TM 2 TM 2.5 TM 3 TM 3.5 TM 4 TM 5 TM 4.5 TM 5.5 TM 6

Asian total

Combo-bet on 2 adjacent total akin to betting on double chance gives some insurance to the player. At seen in line number multiple of 0.25 (1.25, 1.75, etc.), then …

Trecutului (=Tradisjonell, 3way) total

Available in rare offices. There are no refunds, because in addition to more-less, there is a third option outcomes – “getting into total”. For example, you put on “total 2.0”, and the teams played a 1-1 or a 2-0 – win, literally – a bet on the exact number of goals.

The variety of bets on the total

Under the total sauce bookmakers offers a huge range of bets. To deal with them is, clearly understanding their meaning and what can be your advantage over the originator of the line.

The total number of goals in the first half

In this name there are 2 types of bets:

  1. Classic total calculated on 1-St or 2-nd half;
  2. Guess the total goals in each half.

Individual team totals

Asked how many goals will distribute the selected team. Seems strange to only predict one side when played by two, but some do.

Result + total

It is required to determine the winner of the match (or the team will not lose) and total. For example, a 2-I win and total goals > 2.5, read more

Double chance and total goals

Odds on double chance is not too high, that came up with this mix, allowing profitable to combine a forecast, two types of bets.

Draw + total

Actually – this is a bet on 2 a draw: 0-0 or 1-1 with total < 2-2 2.5 and under over 2.5

Total goals odd even

  • even bills: 1-1, 2-0, 3-1, 2-2, etc. is Usually a margin of 2 goals or draw.
  • odd accounts: 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 3-0, etc. Allows you to pereskazyvat min advantage one of the teams.

Dry win + total

Bet on a few accounts: 1-0, 2-0 for the total less than 2.5; 3-0 and over 2.5. This choice makes sense when you have a favorite 100% defense, but it is not logical to take then don’t concede

Total period of

The question is to what extent will the total, if from 2 to 3, the bet wins if the outcome is 2-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-0. Total (0) implies a dry draw. The forecast can be given on the 1st half.

Goals each team will score less/more

Question in case the forecast is approximately equal, an open game with many goals (TB) or a closed, defensive (less). For example, if the option “both > 1.5” => win results 2-2 or 3-2, but 1-2 or 1-1.

Both teams to score Yes/No + total

In the bet “both teams to score and total”, the bookmaker is challenging player believes that will be noted both teams, additionally offering to predict and the number of goals, read more

The total for the half-match

Predpolagaet to find out the ratio of goals in the first half (more, less, equal). For example, Team 1. 1st half > 2nd.

Total time (amount of minutes) goals scored

Example: goals scored by 23, 45 and 87 min. = > total goals are equal 23+45+87=155. It seems that the rate for computer scientists, popytalsya using math to find the error in the expectations (odds) office, in which she expects.

Ten-minute total

The answer to the lottery question whether a goal in the first 10 minutes of the match.

Individual total number of goals scored by player

Messi and Ronaldo are the same brands as Manchester and real people want to put on them and the office go to a meeting.

The total for game moments

Angular, Yellow cards, shots on target, Fouls, Rods and crossbar, Offsides, Mileage. To succeed you will need a keen understanding of selected matches + statistical analysis.

Total there are in many sports

The total values vary depending on sport, League and specific events.

Main total – when the odds on the over / under is approximately equal. In football for the core is usually taken as 2.5 in hockey 5.5, the basketball matches of the NBA proposed and 200.5.

The basic values depend on the performance of the League. So, bets on football, the Championships of Russia, Italy or France, the main total is 2.5, and in some cases even 2.0, while in Germany, Spain or Brazil often 3.5.

Fans of low odds on favorites (or Vice versa) in lines offices many additional elections. For example, if the primary total is 2.5, then there will be 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, 4.5.

Despite the same principle of calculation, a bet on total goals for different types of sports reflects different moments.

For football or hockey, the total is the performance of the match, at that time, as in tennis or snooker, in sports where the game is played to a certain number of points, he actually shows the advantage one competitor over another.

For example, in tennis, if we have a clear favorite and the total is 18, so we are talking about the fact that roughly winning 6-3, 6-3.

Therefore, if in the first case, you need to consider many factors, in the second all boils down to how quickly the favourite will win the match if he can still win. If the chances of the favourite in a match exaggerated a bookie, it is logical to play on the “over”, and Vice versa.

You should also consider the style of players. So, Rafael Nadal even in matches of the first laps trying not to delay the match and rarely gives a chance to their rivals, and Roger Federer on the contrary, sometimes forcing events and the total turns out more than might be.

Statistics in betting on total goals

In sports, time-bound match one of the key factors is the current form of the teams. The best described is the statistics about the last five matches. Advanced European bookmakers even provide a comparison of the average total of the results of the last games of the teams. For example, 1xbet allows for all matches each team in the season to compare with the totals in the range of 0.5 – 4.5 (if for football).

The performance matches early in the season are generally smaller than in the middle or the end. This is due to some rastenievodstvo, the emergence of new players or coaches, and if you take the Russian football, and the average quality lawns.

Affects the total and the nature of the upcoming match. In principle, but rather emotional Derby teams from the same city, often the desire to score and aggressiveness prevail over caution and most of these matches end with a productive account. In the final matches, on the contrary, the pressure is too great and the teams play pragmatic.

Live bet on the total have a shorter range, but allow looking at the beginning, to understand the game and then bet, don’t forget to have a break, sometimes significantly changing the game.

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