Betting on the qualifying rounds of the European Cup

Betting on the qualifying rounds of the European Cup

Ставки на квалификационные раунды еврокубковEach new football season in Europe opens with qualifying rounds of the Europa League and Champions League. The qualifying matches of the European Cup buttery looking forward to it, because since the end of the previous season is a few weeks. But why professional bettors with a grain of salt I look at these games, and if they have grounds to do this?

Why in the qualifying rounds difficult to make any predictions?

1. Difficult to determine the level of competition. If you look at the names of the teams in the first round of the European Cup, many of them are unknown to the average football fan. Take, for example, the first qualifying round of the Champions League, where he met the Champions of Gibraltar and Estonia, “Lincoln city” and “flora”, respectively. But how can you compare the strength of teams, if between themselves they never played, and in the competition of the second qualifying round never to get?

2. Unknown form teams. The matches of the qualifying rounds begin in mid-summer, when the season in the European Championships haven’t even started. To determine the strength of teams for friendlies too hard, it’s not always the team in test matches played on the result.

3. Small coefficients. The matches of qualifying rounds of the bookmaker not put such high odds as the games of the group stages.

4. The small painting. Bookmakers do not study too closely the matches of the qualifying rounds, so don’t offer them a broad and variable receipt. Those who use strategies with a wide painting, it is better to wait to start the main event.

5. The low limits. For the average player the maximum established limit will be enough, but professional battery will not be able to play big.


1. Markets have a lot of Valuev. Despite the fact that bookmakers often underestimate the odds, the chances of the opponents to win, they determine not always right. For example, “Lincoln city” in the qualifying round managed to beat Celtic. Ratio in this outcome was $ 28.00.

2. The results of the final of last season. Need to look at statistical data, as the rivals played at the end of last season to have the slightest idea of their form. It is best to choose to bet those teams that represent leagues where the season is played on the system spring-autumn. But in the offseason it can happen anywhere (the bankruptcy of the club, player transfers, change of trainers), so this should also be paying attention to.

3. Task teams for the upcoming season. In the qualifying round are the teams with different budgets, powers and tasks for the season. Some want to get to the group round, while others even more worthy defeat a strong opponent will be a joy.


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