Betting on the long term: what are the chances of the teams in the Premier League in the Champions League?

Rates for the long term: what are the chances of the teams in the Premier League in the Champions League?

Ставки на долгосрочную перспективу: каковы шансы команд АПЛ в Лиге чемпионов?In order to correctly bet in the long run, you should get rid of all the clichés about all leagues and clubs. For example, such as: “the British are the inventors of football”, but the English teams in Europe are going through hard times. Or like this – “football is played by all, and the Germans win”. These sayings and phrases are reserved for appropriate cases journalists and those offering free football predictions at the initial stage of his career. Long-term rates are extremely high risk and very high level of pragmatism. Of course, strategies on the long bets there are many, and some of them even work, but how to do the simplest analysis possible to disassemble for example a submarine.

So what do we know about modern football in England? The biggest money spinning on this little piece of the island, their clubs are trained by the best trainer of Europe, audiences there have always filled stadiums for all matches and for the second year in a row, one of these clubs reaches the final of the Europa League. Looks like the ratio of money, energy, and ambition of the clubs do not match their actual performance in the elite tournaments in Europe. And while many are trying to prove that, for example, the European League for most teams in the Premier League tournament from the point of view of financial is quite uninteresting, however, beginning with the 1/4 final stage sharply all start to forget about it. Thus ambition, and capabilities of the teams of APL to achieve victories in the Europa League and the Champions League are available. And what about results?

The fact is that for many years in Europe, dominated by the Spaniards. Sometimes it looks like their dominance “dilute” the Germans, however, team from Albion in the last 10 years three times won the European Cup: scored twice “Chelsea” and “Manchester United”. The Spanish European Cup during this period took 11 pieces, 2 Italians, Germans 1. Therefore, after Spain, England, the second statistics for the last ten years supplier of Euro trophies. Given that three teams out in the Champions League from the Premier League, the chances of their passage to the playoffs don’t seem that modest.

Since the last victory “Chelsea” in the Champions League five years and during that period only two representatives of the Premier League has reached the semi-finals and four times in the 1/4 finals. Statistics is not particularly impressive, especially against the background of roughly the same indicators in the Europa League. And here again this year Manchester has the chance to bring home the European Cup, but what are the chances to repeat one of the English grants a similar achievement next year? And who might this be achieved?

The first who comes to mind is the champion. Chelsea the gorgeous Italian coach, put on a high level the game of “Aristocrats” especially in defence, most likely, next season will be able to get up to at least 1/8-1/4 Champions League final. Approximately these are the objectives of the club for the season and with their ability. With a good transfer company (the “Blue” are not very different) team, no doubt, will expect more, but optimally it looks like this level. The second contenders for the highest achievements in the Champions League, most likely, will be the players of “city” (if they do not move at the last moment “Liverpool”). Pocettino too inexperienced to fight on several fronts. To prepare the team for the season – he is a master, but to distribute the force more and the Cup had not happened this year and unlikely next. But Guardiola is more experienced than boss in this regard. Like Conte, he first season of “grind” in the Premier League, but unlike the Italian he already had the chance to assess the strength of their team in the Champions League, where he reached 1/8 finals. Thus, ironically, it is the “city” and “Chelsea” is able to represent the Premier League at a high level in the Champions League next season and, if city is better to do most of the betting on “out of band” and a smaller portion to the exit of Chelsea in the 1/4 finals.


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