Betting on the Championships

Betting on the Championships

With the development of mobile Internet as an integral part of modern society, sport has become not just a fascinating spectacle, but also a serious market for bookmakers and nekotoryh successful forecasters. If you divide players, using the criterion of time (duration, long-term) rates, you will get 2 most common groups:

1. Those who bet regularly, and you can find a line something interesting. “The truth today real Barcelona play? It is necessary for Leopard to deliver!” Such people, of course, the vast majority.

2. A small group of players who are actively wagering for a long period (for example, on the winner of the national Championship in football, when the championship has just started), or during the world Cup (the winner of the competition, some matches they are also considered as a good rate).

In this article, we analyze the typical behavior of the second group – put on large competitions or for a long time interval. How are such players, often choosing typical strategy? Take a look at three popular options.

As usual I put on the Championships

Situation 1. Many believe that, for example, the World Cup is almost no obvious outsiders. Of course, a few exceptions. It is believed that the overall level of the game, despite obvious imbalances in terms of speed, technique and tactical actions of players from different teams, and strives to become equal, that is today, in principle, everywhere football is played the same on every continent soccer is number 1 game. Nevertheless, you can find such accounts as 5:0, 6:1, etc. However, a significant role to play “dark horse”, as in his time did the Greeks at Euro 2004. If we consider the games where the participation is equal to the strength of the team, it can be assumed that there will be resistant, even closed the game, the result of which is often a draw. Especially if we are talking about games, where the fate of the party game “crash”. Another feature of such games is that usually they not scored a lot of goals. Here you can put on total goals is less than the average.

Situation 2. Players who like to bet for the long term, you can try your luck and guess the winner of the world Cup or the Championship. People with experience suggest in this situation to put before the start of the Championship, thus pre-determining a group of strongest and “dark horses”. High odds will block the victory of several teams, thus improving the chance of staying in profit. Another advantage of this game is that it excluded the fact of absurdity: for example, a goal in the last minute of the match. A strong team always has a chance to rectify the situation in the first games, in the end, achieving the desired result in the end.

Situation 3. Many of the starting matches of the Championship or the FIFA world Cup over sensational: the goalless draw where, seemingly, the victory of the favorite, if not deliberately defeat the strongest team. Anyway, about the strategy on this basis we wrote. The facts are definitely there: in the first games are always a lot of sensational results, than earn good experienced players, who know the price of risk. Some particularly suspicious companions are insured by odds on outsiders “+1,5”, and sometimes “+2”. Every successful person has their own strategy and opinions on this matter.


Summing up the above, we note that any major tournament just brings large amounts of money! Players have alluring chance to catch the tail of luck in the form of good rates, respectively, winning good amount of money. Closely, passionately, but rationally and coolly watching the game, you will find several great rates than to ensure yourself a great vacation, and maybe even good company. Well, go ahead, gentlemen!

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