Betting on the cards in the matches of the major European football leagues

Bets on cards in the matches of the major European football leagues

Ставки на карточки в матчах основных европейских футбольных лигEvery year this market as betting on cards is becoming increasingly popular. Yellow card players often receive for violation of the rules of the game, but rarely judges write “mustard” for the return to the field without permission or delaying the game.


Defenders often receive yellow or red cards. In their half they are always actively pressure and trying to relieve the opponent of the ball, therefore making a lot of fouls. According to statistics, in the Premier League the defenders are twice as likely to have received the card compared with forwards, who made a similar number of fouls. If the game striker 4 times broke the rules, then the probability that the judge will punish him with a yellow card – 30%, if the defender is 60%. That is, when predicting the number of cards you should know which team chooses to play defensive tactics.


The weaker teams more often penalized by the judges. The reason is not bias, but the fact that outsiders need to exert more effort to win the ball and no fouls that rarely get to do. If you take into account Premier League matches with clear favorites and underdogs, the favorites, only 23% of cases received more cards, 26% of the same indicators, 51% — getting more outsiders. However, minions can also pick up cards in the case when they lose to underdogs and play nervous or disciplined because of this.

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In different European leagues judges react differently to violations of the rules. In the EPL the physical preparation of the players paying serious attention, and the referees for rule violations are more loyal and not to break the pace of the game, allow the teams to continue the game if the fouls were minor. The average number of yellow cards in Premier League matches to 3.5. The German Bundesliga has approximately the same performance at 3.7. In the Italian Serie A judge more often prescribe players a yellow card and 5.0. But in the Spanish Example with the largest number of highly skilled players the average is 5.5.


For what to place in the table or not tournaments were teams, the most tough matches are local derbies. If you take into account the most important Derby in the Premier League (Manchester Derby, Severodonetskoe Derby, the Liverpool Derby) on average in these matches, the judges give the 4.7 yellow cards per game (the average in the Premier League and 3.5). El Classico in Spain is also different coarseness – 7 cards per game (the average for Example, and 5.5).


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