Betting on the biathlon

Bet on biathlon

Biathlon is the most spectacular winter sport that combines ski race with rifle shooting. Biathlon began to gain huge popularity since the 90-ies of the last century and now broadcast of the biathlon competitions is collected at TV screens millions of people. Moreover, the national teams of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have always been successful biathlon powers, so that a biathlon can be considered a special sport for our country.

Competitions, like biathlon was first held at the Olympic Winter games in 1924 in French Chamonix. Then they were called “the competition of military patrols”. Over time, the biathlon has considerably evolved, resulting in a variety of biathlon races. There are the following types of races in biathlon: individual race, sprint, pursuit, mass start, relay, mixed relay. Any of them is of huge interest among fans and lovers of sports betting. During the stages of the World Cup bettors make countless bets on biathlon, and bookmakers, in turn, offer a very high quality line for the biathlon competitions.

The most important biathlon competition, of course, is the Olympic games. A little less important for athletes is the World Cup, but this tournament is incredibly diverse group of participants. In addition, there is the World Cup, which takes place in several stages. In turn, the biathlon season runs from November to April.

In the line for betting on biathlon bookmakers offer to determine the winner of the race, the winning margin, in seconds, compare individual athletes or teams, the number of misses on the shooting range, and also offer a number of special bets, for example, to guess the winner of the first stage of the race. Naturally, betting on biathlon has its special peculiarities, which must be taken into account.

First and foremost is the weather, which biathlon is very dependable. Suppose, if there is too much snow to put on under the misses has no meaning, or Vice versa. In addition, the study of statistics, especially for betting on biathlon shooting plays a crucial role. As a rule, athletes rarely depart from their average level and shoot consistently.

As you know, the biathlon knows the division into male and female. And they are equal and are equally popular among fans. But betting on biathlon biathlon men’s preferred, as men are more stability in shooting and on the track. At the same time to “catch” high odds is much easier in women’s biathlon, because the sensations happen there more often.

In biathlon, there are team races, called relays. They are much more predictable, unlike the individual races, as the mistake of the partner can fix the other participant teams. The recognized leaders of the relay race include Norway, Russia, France and Ukraine. In most cases, one of these teams wins the race. In the team races to bet on favorites, and even necessary, as they are successful.

It is not recommended to make long-term bets on football, as this sport is an individual, a few months before competitions it can happen anything. The veteran can both get in shape and to lose it. Although, of course, bookmakers offer quite a lot of interesting long-term bets on biathlon, especially for large tournaments such as the Olympics or the World Cup.

Bookmakers offer betting on biathlon decent highs, given the fact that this sport is still pretty young. The coefficients here are not so high, but at the same time, they are never worse than the standard. The average of the bookmakers margin for betting on biathlon equal to 7.5%.

In order to bet on biathlon you need to keep a cool head and not be guided by fans ‘ preferences. It is not always the representatives of national teams of Russia or Ukraine will win the race. It is necessary to pay great attention to statistics, weather conditions, and the current state of the biathletes. Of course, this process takes a lot of time, but the result with this approach will not keep itself waiting long.

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