Betting on shots on goal

Betting on shots on goal

Ставки на удары в створ воротThe number of betting offices is growing rapidly, and in a competitive environment they are forced to form a line so that she was the most variable. Such markets as “total shots on goal, total corners in the interval” or “Exodus played in a minute,” is no surprise, nevertheless, most of the bettors ignore these markets. It is believed that to win in such markets hard and, frankly, some truth in this.

As for shots on goal, then the bookmaker recently began to offer customers betting on them. These markets have not been studied as well as totals or handicaps. The market information is hard to find, making life difficult for bettors, but the bookies quotes on them to set hard. As a rule, large values bookmakers such markets do not pay, so the coefficients are not always exhibited an accurate.


1. The style of play of the teams. If such teams like Atletico Madrid or Milan “inter”, who always played on the result. If Atletico scores first, then no matter how much time is left until the end of the game, they will “sit” in defense, almost not making positional attacks, while minimizing the number of dangerous moments at the gate. Logically, in the game involving Atletico need to put on the nethermost totals shots on goal.

2. Statistics of the last matches. The percentage of possession plays a big role. Teams that try to dominate, possess the ball more, so the shots are applied more often.

3. Familiarization with the starting compositions of the opponents. In some teams there are players built into the game team, so even one player can make half of the team hits. If a player does not appear in the match, it will greatly affect the attacking potential of the club and realization of scoring chances.

4. Statistics in the current season. The need to study not only the average number of strikes per game, but to compare this indicator in the away and home matches. The number of shots need to be studied separately in matches against outsiders and favorites.

5. The motivation to play. The more important match for the team, the more it will be aimed at the gate. If the game is played “for 6 points”, it is better to bet on the top totals.

6. Weather. As a rule, the performance of teams falls under bad weather conditions. If before the game began the snow or rain, you need to put on the bottom the totals of shots on goal.


Many bookmakers offer in their lines this market. As a rule, they are only for the popular duels and senior Championships. Battery not yet very active in using the game on shots on goal, because betting strategies specifically for this market. However, there are many known strategies that can be easily adapted to bet on shots on target.


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