Betting on polega bookmakers

Bets on polega bookmakers

Ставки на послегол в букмекерских конторахOne of the common cases on the market sports betting is the so-called “posluga” when the bookmaker continues to take bets on already accomplished in fact the event. Such situations arise as a result of failure in the system, resulting in even the smallest delay can cost a firm in a round sum, and the player will ensure the win “easy” money. It is not just about the goals: the number of yellow/red cards, removal, penalty, any significant events on the field can be described in one word: “posluga”.


10 minutes before the final whistle, the scoreboard lit 0:0. The hosts score first and get the advantage. If the bookie does not have time to respond in time, the player has a chance “to forestall”.

Options of the player in this situation:

— a bet on a 0.5 TB with a low coefficient of

— the rate on 0,5 TB first team with a higher ratio;

— in some matches you can bet on goal a particular player;

— a bet on a goal in a certain period of the match;

— a bet on the team that opened the account.

You can also put on net winnings, or to win with the odds, these bets involve a high percentage of risk, despite the fact that the player here has to the bookie an advantage. Despite the fact that the above rates in theory guarantee a win, the reality turns out otherwise.

Is the game worth the candle?

New to the sports betting market may want to consider “posluga” as a reliable strategy game. Many battery personally prefer to attend the match and make a bet through your phone, tablet, laptop, hoping to use the delay in the system, without assessing the possible risks of foul play.

“Pokeholic” have a bad reputation at the bookies, in the end, the score of such a player is simply blocked. For comparison, the punishment for “milosnikow” often consists in limiting the maximum betting limit.

— Hoping on Russian “perhaps” not worth it. Even if you manage once to cheat the bookmakers, be sure to repeat this will fail and unfair advantage players will apply the most drastic measures.

And what is the result?

In the conditions of modern technology to track “pelegry” it’s not that difficult. If in the past, such action was discovered and allowed to win at the moment will turn to “pokeholic” only problems.


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