Betting on own goals in football

Betting on own goals in football

Ставки на автоголы в футболеVirtually every bookmaker has lines such market rates as own goals. According to beterov, this type of betting is very unpredictable. In fact, there is a whole list of factors that allow us to evaluate the chances in the match on an own goal.

Bookmakers take bets on himself with an own goal and a lack of it. The probability of an own goal in the match is quite low, and to put on the lack of an own goal is unreasonable, because the ratio rarely rises above 1.05. Depending on various factors, the coefficient on the own goal is in the range from 5 to 15.


1. The performance of the championship. The more goals you score in the League, respectively, increase the chances of seeing an own goal. In General, the own goals in the Championships of Germany and the Netherlands, which are effective, are much more common than in Italy and France.

2. The performance of rivals. If the team gets in the match with 20 attempts on target, then the probability that one of them will be a rebound, which will lead to the goal increases. If there are two such teams, the chances of an own goal increase several times.

3. The style of play of opponents. In most cases, a save the players score after flank attacks. Thus, to put on the presence of an own goal should be in that match, where teams like to attack through the flanks.

4. Specific players. In any event have scorers. Similarly, there are those players who scored own goal. For example, if a team is two players, most often Central defenders, the probability of a goal increases.

5. Basic match. It is difficult to explain why in matches the principal contenders are the most common own goals. As an example, it is sufficient to recall the confrontation between “Spartak” — CSKA. Most likely, the effect of excessive voltage, so the error on the field happen often.

There are professional bettors, who give advice to bet that a goal will not. Given the fact that the coefficients for this outcome is too low, several events should be merged in the Express. Own goals is an unexpected phenomenon for beterov and bookmakers.


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