Betting on “odd” and draw

Bets on “odd” and draw

Good bookmakers are very a variety of football line. Almost everyone has a bet on “odd/even” and draw. The presence of these events in the painting to match, there are 2 necessary component of entertaining football strategy, an idea which sent us a good reader of the site.

The essence of the strategy is that for one match at the same time is relied on the draw and on the “odd total”. That is, it is a kind of plug in the amount of 20-25% (depending on BK). However, there are scores that don’t suit us (lose both bets): 2-0, 0-2, 3-1, 1-3, 2-4, 4-2 and so on. Such outcomes happen in football quite often, but with the right match selection, you can further increase your chances of winning.

For strategies for odd and draw the required matches are about equal in strength teams, where the odds of winning or equal or have a slight advantage in favor of one of the teams. In addition, we are interested in the grassroots game, where the low coefficient on the rate of total less than 2.5, in order to avoid “funny” football accounts 3-1 and 4-2. Of course, it is necessary to analyse each specific game, assessing the current state of the team, and their motivation. It is important to look at statistics and latest matches and personal meetings of commands, it is desirable that they also for the most part was not effective.

Here is an example betting on odd and draw. For example, we allocated the amount of $ 100 for two bets. Take a football match on the line the bookmaker 1xbet between real Sociedad and athletic Bilbao (05/01/2014). The odds for a draw in this match is equal to 3.45, and the total odd — 1,83. Bet 34.67 $ on a draw, and the odd total set 65,33 usd. If you happen to at least one of these outcomes, then our net profit will amount of 19.59$ that will be about 20 % of the total amount of the bets. Agree, a decent result. If you believe, for example, that one team will win with the minimum account, You can do a “skewed” in favor of betting on an odd total. Put $ 29 on the draw, if it plays, You will receive a refund of the initial amount. But if you happen to be an odd total, at a rate of 71 dollars, you will receive $ 30 net profit.

Statistics shows that end in stalemates happen in about 30% of cases, and on the odd ends half the total matches. So even purely mathematically, the chance that our bet will look very well.

When you use betting strategy odd and draw great attention should be paid to the choice of the bookmaker. In addition to the reliability and volumetric line, it should have still high odds on football matches. In terms of reliability, we always recommend Leonbets, but his lines and bets on odd/even are extremely rare. Therefore, the best option for this strategy will be the aforementioned 1xbet bet365 and English, where high odds and line in order.

Using the strategy of betting odd and a draw, no need to put large sums, because the risk of error still exists. Also, do not take at once a lot of matches in one game day. It is better not to hurry, but choose high quality, preferably in the weekend, when the top European leagues, or during the week, when are the matches played in the Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Please note that the strategy of betting odd and a draw is not the iron way to consistently earn the luck factor and analytical abilities of the player, as elsewhere, it has not been canceled. There are some difficulties when using it. First, the choice of games. In order to get an advantage on the course You have correctly predicted 5 out of 6 matches. Otherwise, you will get a significant loss. This strategy is relevant to patient players, who do not follow the first event in the line, and qualitatively analyze every game. In addition, a decent Bank to get a considerable profit. Subject to these terms and conditions, the player will be able to actually qualify for a good profit. Betting strategy to draw and even was tested by some players and, at least, is the place to be. So try and leave your feedback and comments.


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