Betting on horse racing: the Dutch system

Betting on horse racing: the Dutch system

Ставки на скачки: голландская системаAmong the clients of terrestrial betting shops and online bookmakers have a big enough part of people who bet on horse racing. Many use several strategies to reduce the risk of injury. One of the most efficient and popular betting systems for horse racing is the Dutch system. The chances to win increase significantly, if competently to use this strategy.

This practice should apply in those races where there are horses-beginners and obvious favorites. The principle of using this strategy is that the player bet on a few horses instead of one favorite. To make a profit, it is sufficient if one of the chosen horses to finish will come first. The advantage of the Dutch system of betting that chances of winning is increased if the bettor has made more bets. You need to ensure that in case of passage of one of them, you get a guaranteed profit.


Bet 200 roubles on one member of the race with odds of 3.70, bet the second – 100 for a coefficient of 5.50, the third rate – 60 rubles by a factor of 7.50. Just spent three bets 360 rubles. If you win the first bet, your net profit will amount to 380 rubles, winning the second stakes – 550 rubles, win third bet – 90 rubles.

Some players claim that you need to bet on every horse in the race. This can not be done in any case. These people obviously have problems with math, because you will always be in the disadvantage in the long run. In any case, no need to bet on the outsiders. Better to bet on the rookie, the odds for which will also be high, but he may surprise.

If the race will have 10 horses, it is best to make 3-4 bets. A stable profit can be obtained if you correctly implement the Dutch system into betting on horse racing. Definitely need to study the statistics of runners. You need to perform is exhibited coefficients and take into account the mass of the rider.


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