Betting on horse racing: Part 2. On what to look for

Betting on horse racing: Part 2. What to pay attention

Ставки на скачки: Часть 2. На что обратить вниманиеBetting on race horses was a favorite pastime for most wealthy people for many years. A number of Industrialists and business tycoons put their money in horse racing and the gambling associated with them. Although access to this sport initially had only people of the highest class, but now this sport is quite popular among people of all classes and professions. Today horse racing is legal in most countries of the world, because there is a large number of money circulating in the world of betting associated with horses.

Betting is usually divided into three types, namely, bet to win, bet to place, bet to show. Bet on the horse that took first place in the race, called “bet on the winner.” Bet on the horse that took first or second place, called the “place bets”, and bets on the horses top 3 bets on the show. First rate brings higher coefficients than the other two because the probability of them above. To consider when making the bet should the number of features. The first step is to know exactly what is required in the modern development of veterinary advances recovery by one or the other breed of the horse after the race. It is also necessary to pay attention to the weight of the horse, but to better know the dynamic of your weight and the structural features of the breed and preferably specific horses. In addition, you should pay attention to the jockey, particularly his weight and experience. Overall statistics of the performances of the jockey and the horse helps us to take a decision on rates.

The dangers of horse racing, was in the limelight after the death of the winner of the Kentucky Derby Barbaro and eight belles in 2006 and 2008. Statistics show that an average of 24 horses die at American racetracks every week. The higher the tempo, the more competition, the faster the horse runs, the higher the likelihood of severe injuries from a fall and serious injury. According to experts laying carpeting for tracks such as “politricks”, is a safer option for horses than the hard ground.

The race is dangerous not only for the horses and their jockeys. They often fall, and sometimes they are trampled by other horses, causing damage to the spinal cord and brain. According to the statistics of the Guild of horsemen, 128 riders have died in America on the slopes since 1940. Seriously deals with restrictions in racing NTRA (National Thoroughbred Racing Association) introducing new restrictions and rules to increase safety. The news of this Association when placing bets should be monitored particularly carefully, although they are in their decisions tried to take into account the interests of those who make bets in bookmakers in horseracing.


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