Betting on horse racing Part 1. The types of horse races

Betting on horse racing Part 1. The types of races

Ставки на скачки: Часть 1. Виды скачек“The sport of kings”, horse racing is one of the oldest sports that has been around for many centuries. The official history of the race begins with a 1500 BC, and scientists say they first became widespread in Egypt, although most likely the Sumerian tribes also spent a lot of time on this entertainment. In Greece chariot races were part of the Olympic games, while in England the sport became popular when king Henry II acquired a couple of Arab stallions and mares, and began to organize their race. Over time, people began to make bets in bookmakers on horses, and this sport remains for many the best sport in the world. So what makes people love this sport? It is a special feeling or is it a hobby? Well, everyone has their own reasons, but this sport remains a favorite, no matter what, for thousands of years. What is equestrian sport today?

Depending on the age, breed and weight of horses that can all jump into three basic types.

“Thoroughbred” called horse racing, when races are held at thoroughbred “riding” horses, which was the result of crossing Arab and English horses in the 17th century. These races come in two types: smooth racing (flat racing) and “hopping” racing (jump racing). Smooth races are held at different distances, while race “ski-jump” pass at a distance from two miles to four and a half miles. Although the distance varies for each breed, thoroughbred run not more than 12 furlongs, and not less than 5 furlongs (1,0058 km). The race track, usually oval in shape, the largest of which is the Kentucky Derby in the United States.

Race sled when the race horses pull a two-wheeled cart called sulka, in which the jockey sits. Used race only “standardbred” horse. These horses do not run at a gallop, as the “thoroughbred” horse, trot and run. Depending on the horse, the race is divided into two different types: the amble and trot. A trotting horse moves his legs diagonally, and when you amble the horse moves sideways. Trotting races are held in Continental Europe, while in Australia, the United States, the UK and Canada are reported as trotting and pacing. Roosevelt raceway on long island in new York is the largest racetrack, where held these races.

Steeplechase – steeplechase. Steeplechase is that the horse race which takes place on an uneven surface, with hurdles like plain fences, water jumps and open ditches. These races are held mainly in France, UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Ireland. The obstacles used in the race to 1.15 meters in height, and the distance to be overcome in the race of about 3200 meters. The horse also needs to carry the weight from 136 lbs to 150 lbs (61,69 to 68,04 kg). The most famous steeplechase racing is the Grand national held in Aintree Rancorous every year in Liverpool. In the UK and Ireland, the official term used for this race, a National competition.


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