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Betting on hockey, like other sports, have features. Undoubted advantage is the regularity of the matches, which can be used to conduct a detailed statistical analysis that will simplify the definition of the favourites at a particular meeting. In addition, to make the hockey betting easier than other sports because of its accessibility. In the major cities of Russia, as a rule, there is a hockey club that plays in the NHL or even the KHL. Unlike football, most matches of the League can be viewed on the Federal channels, which facilitates the analysis of the current state of the teams.

There are difficult moments as a large number of deletions that can change the course of the match and make the result opposite to the intended. All hockey every year becomes more and more unpredictable. In the NHL there are practically no boundaries between favorite and underdog, but in the NHL these terms are also applied less and less, at least in the regular season. Note the favorites of the KHL increasingly losing out to underdogs, even on home ice. Therefore, making bookmaker bets on hockey, should not pay so much attention to the odds, as they sometimes are not justified.

The types of betting on hockey

Betting hockey use the following main types of bets:

  • 1 X 2 (regular time) — standard line with three outcomes (like in football), the coefficients of which can be used to bet on the winner or a draw.
  • 1 2 (including overtime and penalty shootout) — recently there has been a trend that some offices offer this option along with the “1 X 2”, other people do one thing, pay attention.
  • Handicap. Typically offered equal odds of from 0.5 to 1.5, if one of the teams is a clear favorite. Odds greater than 1.5, usually rare. As is known to win only 1 of the goals, so bet on the favourite with a handicap of -1.5 or more is quite risky.
  • Total. The number of goals in the match. As a rule, the total is always calculated at 5.5 goals.
  • Also in the lines bookmakers meet exotic bets on penalties, removal, total goals by period shots on target, the results of periods, individual players total.

Betting on hockey and comparing the coefficients, be especially careful. The fact that some offices are taking hockey bets for the main time of the match, and the other with overtime.

Criteria analysis in hockey betting

For analysis of the upcoming game, you must explore many factors, such as:

  1. Form teams at the moment. In winning or losing a series of commands, what is the total of the match in the games of these teams. Often, the outsider, being in a good shape, winning a stronger team. Some teams play most of the matches on the over, if they are favorites and the total is less than if outsiders, and Vice versa.
  2. The results of the teams ‘ home or away games, depending on where they play in the analyzed our match. Again, you need to see how the outcome of matches and their results. Very often teams show completely different results playing on home ground and away.
  3. If this is not the beginning of the season, then you need to look at the results of games between teams this year;
  4. It will not hurt to recall how to play these teams between them last season. Statistics over many years for the NHL is not as relevant as regularly occurring transfers make a significant adjustment in the strength of the teams;
  5. A very large influence on the outcome of the hockey game have events like: injury of a key player in one of the teams, exit to match the reserve goalkeeper, a change of head coach. If the first two factors have a negative impact on the result of the command, the latter positive. Often the team wins the next match, after the appointment of a new coach.

Betting on KHL

Continental hockey League is gradually approaching the level of the organization to the NHL. At least second place in the world, KHL staked confident, and in the future with the right approach, has all the chances to catch up with the NHL.

Of course, the championship KHL of great interest to our hockey fans. First of all, because hockey is for Russians is the No. 1 sport, a kind of national religion. Also the Kontinental hockey League in recent years is of high quality game, in most games has a “degree of control” and intrigue that makes without stopping to watch them. Our players love to bet on KHL, among them are of the opinion that the KHL is one of the most predictable events. Another thing is that in practice this view is not always confirmed . However, some features inherent in the KHL matches in General, there are:

  • The CHL is becoming a grassroots, they see everything, including the bookmakers who have offer as the primary total 4.5 goals instead of the standard 5.5. But even such a “bottom” happens often than players with success and enjoyed.
  • Starting home games of the far Eastern command of the Amur and Admiral, as a rule, completed their victories. This is due to the changing time zones.
  • Last away match of the series most of the KHL teams performed poorly due to accumulated fatigue.

Hockey betting betting on NHL you need to do based not only on General trends and statistics, but also on the current state of the team, and on the nature of their relationships. For example, it is not necessary in the regular season to take over at Derby, such as AK bars – Salavat Yulaev or Dynamo – SKA, as these matches can happen anything.

line CHL

Betting on the NHL

The NHL being the world’s strongest hockey League, where the best players in the world, an increasing interest, like sports fans and betting enthusiasts. Is there an objective reason. Monitor the performances of teams in the NHL much easier and more interesting, as on many sports channels and websites of the firms can be seen or the matches themselves, or at least detailed reports about them.

In the NHL there are some regularities revealed by bettors. They are based only on observations of matches for a long time and have little in common with the analysis of upcoming match, as it does not take into account the strength of the opponent team:

  • If the NHL team holds several matches in a row on the road (4 or more) then the next home game, she often plays poorly;
  • To bet against the team playing third game in four days or two days in a row, hoping that she is physically tired in the previous matches.
  • In the round after the all-star game held in the NHL once a season, in 70% of matches win guests.

Making bets on NHL hockey, we must remember that unlike, say football or basketball, there are no heavy underdogs and favorites, and every team can win every.

line NHL

Where to bet on hockey

Hockey is in every betting shop, but if you want to achieve given ovetime, or need some painting, then have to search — some have one, others more. The largest selection of promoted firms perhaps in 1xbet.


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