Betting on hockey in bookmakers

Bet on hockey with the ball in bookmakers

Ставки на хоккей с мячом в букмекерских конторахIce hockey is a popular sport, but about the existence of hockey not many people know. Abroad, the sport called “bandy”, and in Russia – “Russian hockey.”


No point betting if has no idea about the rules of the game. In bandy, it is customary to play outdoors (pond or a reservoir). Due to the fact that playgrounds are not enough, and the world has witnessed global warming, the fights are often held in recent years at private arenas. The game consists of two halves of 45 minutes. The team has 11 players (1 goalkeeper and 10 players are on the field). In bandy is played on skates and with sticks in hand, and the main task – to score a small red ball into the opponent’s net. The rest of the details you will learn for yourself if you decide to bet on this sport.

How to make

Professionals are made, not born, and knows every person. To make good predictions for bandy to follow the following guidelines:

1. To see the statistics of the previous matches between the old rivals. You need to make a comparison who is faster, who is slower, who play cautiously, who are tough away matches, who better defends or attacks.

2. You need to study the statistics of the current season. If you collect information on particles, the end result is a clear and big picture which will give the opportunity to make a good bet.

3. To perform news about the players and the team. Replacement, injury or change of coach – all of these changes can have a serious impact on the result.

4. To choose the rate, because in this sport there are several.

Types of bets

1. Bets on the winner of the tournament (League). You need to define the team or the team that wins in the season. The most important events in hockey are the world Cup and the world Cup, after which it is going to the national Championships.

2. Bets on the winner of a particular match.

3. The handicap bet. The team that is the underdog of the fight, get the handicap points. Thus, bookmakers equalize the chances of commands. In such matches the coefficients of half-hearted, and not equal to 1.85 or 3.50. These coefficients suggest you to understand more.

4. Bet on total goals. You need to determine the team score more or less points, the number of which is specified by the bookmaker.

The nuances

Well, if you play in their financial strategies. Preferably adheres to it for a long period, while not to be impulsive. Ability to analyze, a sharp mind and a cool head is the chief assistant in this case. Bendy is not an Olympic sport, however, their fans bandy has and if you understand it, you can win large sums of money.


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