Betting on handicaps (handicaps). What is it and how to understand

What does handicap (handicap) bets

Content: What are Examples of fora fora 0 to Take the “-” or “+” Corridor

Please note that handicap and handicap — synonyms. The first name used by our office, the second foreign, since English handicap = advantage = of fora. To understand what this means, you can continue.

Most players in BC prefer to bet on the net the outcomes of matches, i.e. the winner (football, hockey, basketball) / player (tennis player, boxer, etc.) or draw, but, according to the bookies, at least 77% of fans bets make bets with handicap (handicap), so the lines of each of the office they are always present.

The handicaps appeared in the 40-ies of the last century. When the team is clearly different in strength, this was reflected in the coefficients — is in no hurry to risk a tiny percentage, betting on the favorite, and hope for a happy case with an outsider => people put a little, and the bookies lost income. Someone bright came up with the idea of handicaps or a virtual increase, which would be a different result, changing the odds and the ratios.

What does handicap (handicap). How to understand them?

Handicap or handicap is a bet on the result with some adjustments. It is negative (for the favorite), and positive (for the outsider). Fora can be points, second scored the goals.

Ставки на форы (гандикапы). Что это такое и как понять

Bet with handicap wins in that case, if the completed match virtual to add Odds. If your team after such a virtual mathematical operations were in win — rate has passed. If lost — no luck. But if the score had been a draw (only possible with integer — valued edge- 0, 1, 2 …), then the bet is returned with coefficient 1, that is, the money is not lost and can be re-used in the business.

The use of odds ratios changes (relative to the normal 1-x-2 outcomes). This is the main feature of the odds, which allows to increase revenue from rates.

For example, the odds on your prediction are small. This is what happens when team strongly differing in strength, and the bookmaker lowers KF. to a minimum (of 1.10-1.25 and below). The probability of winning this bet are very high, but the potential profit is usually deters reasonable player, and rightly so. To win only 15% with the risk of losing the bet in case of an unexpected defeat of a leader — too high a price error and a big risk.

This condition is valid little trick. It is clear that the rate will be held only in case of victory of the selected command. Victory means that one team will score another 1 goal more. Accordingly, the handicap bet (-1) on this team won’t lose. And if I will win 2 or more goals? Rate held, and gain is not a 15% rate, and at least 40%.

Example handicaps (handicap)

Let’s have a basketball match of the Lakers against “Boston”. Californians are favorites, and “the Celts” by outsiders.

To align force office puts with equal KF. 1.95 in line F1 (-3.5) and F2 (+3.5), i.e. from the result of the Lakers 3.5 points subtracted, and the result of the “Boston” on the contrary 3.5 points increase.

So, in case of victory of the Lakers 90-88 who played the handicap of -3.5 will be defeated, because with its view of the result of the 86.5-88. If the player took the handicap guests, then won, since the result will be 90-91.5 in favor of the Celtics.

All the types of betting odds in detail

Handicap 1st team

Handicap 1 (-4) Handicap 1 (-3.5) Handicap 1 (-3) Handicap 1 (-2.5) Handicap 1 (-2) Handicap 1 (-1.5) Handicap 1 (-1) Handicap 1 (-0.5) Handicap 1 (0) Handicap 1 (+0.5) Handicap 1 (+1) Handicap 1 (+1.5) Handicap 1 (+2) Handicap 1 (+2.5) Handicap 1 (+3) Handicap 1 (+3.5) Handicap 1 (+4)

Odds are the 2nd team

2 Handicap (-4) Handicap 2 (-3.5) Handicap 2 (-3) Handicap 2 (-2.5) Handicap 2 (-2) 2 Handicap (-1.5) Handicap 2 (-1) Handicap 2 (-0.5) Handicap 2 (0) Handicap 2 (+0.5) Handicap 2 (+1) Handicap 2 (+1.5) Handicap 2 (+2) Handicap 2 (+2.5) Handicap 2 (+3) Handicap 2 (+3.5) Handicap 2 (+4)

Asian handicap

+2.75 +2.25 +1.75 +1.25 +0.75 +0.25 -0.25 -0.75 -1.25 -1.75 -2.25 -2.75


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what is the handicap 0 (0 Handicap) in the betting

Handicap 0 is win/lose with the team and return with a draw.

This type of bet used when there is confidence that the team will win, but I want a little to be safe. Bet with a handicap or a 0 handicap (i.e. win or draw selected team) will increase the rate at winning when compared with betting on double chance (1X-2X), but if the teams will play a draw, you will be given a refund.

To take the odds “-” or “+”. How to understand?

What better handicap minus on the favorite or the underdog zero? All strictly on a situation before you bet during the match, carefully observe the teams and players. Try to understand in which conditions? Aren’t you tired? Their mood? Motivation?

You should not always play a negative handicaps favorites or, on the contrary constantly to strengthen the position of outsiders. Betting odds need to be flexible. Let’s say you know that a tennis player for a long time included in the tournament, suffers from lazy. It is logical to take at the beginning of the tournament against him with the handicap of almost any outsider. Or, on the contrary! Your opinion does not coincide with the line of bookmakers on any event, I think, would be a defeat and we are confident that long a game will last. So, take minus odds favorite!

Betting strategy “corridor of handicaps (odds)”

When there are 2 non-mirrored head start, you can put the so-called “corridor”. Example: In one bookmaker for KEF 1.9 one of the teams invited to handicap -3.5 points, and on another website for the same KEF burns +5.5 on rivals. In the case of hit results in a narrow gap between the handicaps and we win in one and a second office!

In our case it is the result with a difference of 5 points. For example, 96-91. Rate in the 1st branch gives off a handicap of -3.5 points 92.5 points, i.e. >91. And the rate in the 2nd gives 96.5 points guests and escrow 96-96.5. In the end, we win twice. Put into operation the question how вс1е appropriate and what is the probability to catch such a benefit at a distance, but it is an option. In any case, better to catch up than to increase the bet each time twice. According to the laws of probability theory, someday you will definitely make money.

Material on the theme of the difference between bets on the odds in the Russian and European offices

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