Betting on goals

Betting on goals in a match

Bets on goals – group markets with a focus on the performance + of the time, method, sequence, who scored, etc. – all associated with a goal in the match in football and hockey.

Betting on goals popular among players, because not attached to the outcome and allow you to keep the intrigue until the end of the match. This is a logical choice for fans, because goals are most attracted to in this game.

With the development of betting shops in the fierce competition there was a lot of betting options with goals in which easy to get confused. An overview of all with a brief explanation of the nature and examples on.

Bets on account and the number of heads

Correct score

Guess the exact score of the match recorded on the scoreboard in the end. Office give an extensive list of possible results, and in some cases market “any other account”, which means all options not specified in the painting.

Will the score of the match at any time

To predict what will happen if during a match a certain score. For example, put on 1:0 and if the owners differ the first you already don’t care about anything – the rate of play, even if the fight finishes 1:5. You just have to see on the scoreboard will need an account at least for a while.

Race up to a certain number of goals

The firm offers to guess who first reaches the score of a selected number of balls.

“The race to 3 goals Team 1” – the owners should have scored the third goal before the guests. If this does not happen the bet is not played if in the line there is an option “the race to 3 goals will not win one”.

Who and how will differ

Both teams to score

There are two versions of events – both teams to score at least one goal or at least one of them will finish the game with the dry gate.

The option “Both to score” satisfied accounts 1:1, 2:1, 1:2, 2:2, 3:1 etc.

In the bet “Both teams to score – No” (sometimes it is called “at least one not to score”) rooting for 0:0, 1:0, 0:1, 2:0, 3:0, 0:3, 0:4 etc., i.e., to at least one team survived a zero on the scoreboard in the final bill.

Both score + total

Combination bet – the player needs to predict immediately: are both teams in the match plus over/under goals.

Both teams to score + total over 2,5 – satisfied account 2:1, 3:1, 4:2, 1:2, but not 1:1, 3:0, 0:3 (fulfilled only one condition)

Goals of the teams

Betting company 1xbet offers in this market 4 scenario:

  • differ only team 1 (score 1:0, 2:0, 3:0 etc.);
  • = team 2 (score 0:1, 0:2, 0:3 etc.);
  • both teams to score (1:1, 2:1, 2:2, 3:1, 1:3 etc.);
  • without goals – 0:0.

Team to score

Expect at least 1 goal a selected team. Another name for betting – over / under 0.5 goals more.

Next goal

Predictable who will score the next goal. There are three options – 1 command, 2-I may or may not score one. In the pre-match line you can bet on who will score the fifth goal 1-2-3-4-5.

In live this market implies a bet who will score the next goal. “First goal” is to live from the beginning of the match, and then the number changed on the account. With the score 1:1 a bet on the third ball, 3:3 at the seventh, etc.

Score first and not win the match

Bet that opened the account will not be able in the end to win. In fact, the comeback of the enemy, the interesting matches of the teams with a strong character who has a habit of skipping the first, but then to rectify the situation.

Don’t miss a goal

Bet on “dry” match for a specific command.

Player scores a goal

Here, the bookmaker gives the painting on specific players + poss. additional bet whether the player will score first, last, winning goal, will he be the author of a brace, a hat-trick or poker. The calculation takes place according to the official Protocol of the match, own goals are not taken into account. More. there are bets on individual averages of the players

A brace, hat-trick, poker

Question: will there be in the match on account of one of the players of a brace (two goals in the game scored by one player), hat-trick (three goals) or a poker (four score). Poker is sometimes also called “caret”. Five is “Penta-trick”. For a microscopic KF. you can put that wasn’t going to happen. Okay 2, but who can put on 3-5 goals we do not understand.

How will a goal is scored

Forecast how it will happen is a goal – foot, head, free kick, penalty, own goal. Sometimes the bookmaker gives the painting even score the right or left foot. You can put in a goal with his head for the next ball or do (at any time).

An own goal

The forecast for an own goal. Is calculated according to the official Protocol of the game. It often happens that the ball ends up in the gate a ricochet from the defender and in this case, it is recorded on the player’s opening shot. It all depends on the decisions of the fourth the referee – what name will he write in the Protocol, and calculate the bet bookmaker.

Goal time

The first goal

The player guesses the interval at which open the scoring. Often office gives 3 options – the first ball to a certain minutes (inclusive) after it and the “1st goal will not be” (similar to a bet on the 0-0), but BC 1xbet offers a vast painted set of options with different moments.

“The 1st goal will be scored in the 61st minute, and more” – the account must be opened after 60 minutes.

A goal at the interval

A goal in a certain period of the meeting. This forecast is popular in live.

Goal to the minute

Bookie complicates the problem is the player thinks, to a minute open an account. Interval, usually 10-15 min., offers 2 options – “u”, and “not held”.

“Goal number 1 will be scored to 30 minutes” – a bet that in the first half hour of the game on a goal any of commands. On the basis of the official record – 30 min. satisfies the condition I-31 – no.

A goal after a minute

The market for live bets – defined goal after a minute.

“A goal after the 70th minute – Yes” – a bet meet the goals scored in the 71st minute later.

A goal in injury time

Forecast for ball in stoppage time. There is a bet on a goal in added time in both halves. These balls in the Protocol are specified in the format of “45+n”, where n is the added minute of the first half and “90+n” for the entire game.

The last goal

The forecast for the final goal on time or who will score (1st team, 2 or none (0-0).

Goals in the first half

Goal 1-2 half

The question is whether there will be a goal of any team in a particular time – the 1st or the 2nd.

A goal in both halves

The question is whether scored at least one goal in each half by any team.

A goal in both halves of the same team

To have action, the team is obliged to score goals in each half.

“Atletico goal in both halves – Yes”, it means must be different before and after the break.

“The real goal in both halves – No” – at least in one 45-minute Madrid will be without goals.

Both teams to score in the halves

For lovers of finely understand the spirit of the teams and seeing the game. On the forecast that “both will score at least one half” is waiting for an enticing factor.


Betting on goals attract the attention of players in line with the variety of markets and decent odds. They are interesting both in live and pre-match lines, occupying a prominent place in the painting. There are always new types of bets.

Where to bet on goals

On the website of the BC 1xbet everything and betting on goals is no exception. In addition to a wide line and range of events the firm offers high odds, many types of payments and quick payouts.


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