Betting on goal converted player

Bets on goal switched of the player

Ставки на гол перешедшего игрокаIn the ranks of betterof bets on goal a particular player is considered the absolute inexperience, which is almost always inherent to novice players. Professional battery largely right, because the matches often end in unexpected results, in addition to such markets bookmakers too overpriced margins. However, one of such markets should be considered, namely when a player goes against his previous club where he was a living legend.

In football, such cases are not uncommon. As an example we can recall the match “Manchester city” — “Chelsea” when Frend Lampard came on as a substitute. 6 minutes later, after staying on the pitch Lampard has scored but his new team were saved from defeat. Similarly newbie “Manchester United” Robin van Persie scored against Arsenal, Robert Lewandowski scored Borussia Dortmund by going to Bayern. The same Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad, real Madrid scored twice in the gate “Manchester United”. But the ex-player of real Madrid Morata scoring a goal for Juventus, which stopped the “creamy” one step from the Champions League final.

What compels players to score a goal against your former team? Some of them just want to show itself in all its glory in front of friends of fans on virtually home turf, while others are trying to prove that in the previous club they were underestimated. In football such a trend exists, therefore, for earning money it also can be used.

What fights need to consider betting?

1. The player recently left the team. Proved that against former clubs, especially players trying to prove themselves in the first games, when with previous club the connection was not lost until the end. As in any business, emotions tend to decrease, because the player gets used to their current team, so with so much enthusiasm already be against former club.

2. The player was a legend for the former club. In this situation, says a lot of factors that a player will score a goal. He will surely try to prove his previous team and fans that he was able to join the other team, which can also be a team leader.

3. The previous command underestimated player. Cases when one club player shows obscure game, and after the transition to the other team starts to score, are not rare. This could contribute to the tactics of the coaching staff, under which even a talented player didn’t fit. In this case, a productive game against the former club have to wait a maximum probability.


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