Betting on football: a goal in the last minute of the game

Betting on football: a goal in the last minute of the game

Ставки на футбол: гол на последних минутах игрыIf you are an experienced fan of football, you must have seen many goals in the final minutes of matches. Sometimes your bet until the last moment passed, but in the end a goal in one of the latest attacks ruined everything. If you think that last minute goals you score, the more that this view is false. If the match time be divided into five-minute segments, the last 6 minutes have more goals.

Select the matches to bet on the following criteria:

1. The difference in the end, the meeting is less than 2 goals. If the losing team needs to play one match, it will try harder to win than in the case when you need to play more than two balls. Their hand the players are able to rate so the game will be dried at the end of my rope.

2. Outsider wins. If the favorite team loses with a one goal difference, then the probability that she will bring the match to a draw or even a win at the last minute, quite big. Not rare are the cases when a favorite is strongly interested in attacks, and then counterattack misses the goal.

3. The game arch rivals or Derby. In such matches, as “Borussia” (Dortmund) – “Shalke” even if the winning team wins with a difference of three goals, she will try to kill the opponent. Accordingly, the losing side, even realizing impending defeat, will try to score a goal prestige, to sweeten the bitterness of defeat.

4. The difficult situation in the standings. Often in the group rounds of the Europa League or the Champions League, a situation arises that the team for the next round you must win with a difference, for example, at least 3 goals. If in the end the score will be 2:0, then at the last minute can be expected from the winning team of a huge number of dangerous moments.

5. A lot of shots on goal. If all match commands in the target dealt a 1-2 punch, then a bet on a goal in the last minute would be unwise. The probability of a goal increases proportionally to the number of strikes on goal.

6. Output to replace the attacking player. If by the end of the match the team lost motivation to score goals, a player, substitute, this motivation may be stronger in a few times. The fact is that for a player this will be a great chance to prove to the coach that he deserves a place in the starting lineup.


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