Betting on correct score

Bets on the correct score of the match

Bookmakers take bets on hundreds of different events. The player’s task is simplified. You can, for example, to supply to handicap 1 (+2) for cf. 1,15. Those who are not looking for easy ways, bookmakers offer bets on the exact score of the match. Their essence is to determine the specific result of the match. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of betting?

General characteristics of betting on the exact score

Correct score betting is widespread, both in team and individual sports.

In tennis a player can bet on the outcome of the match in sets, to predict the result of the N-th set or determine the result of the game. The odds are not always high, especially for a popular score 6:3, 6:4 for sets in favour, 40:15, 40:30 in favor of the pitcher – for games.

Hockey is invited to guess the score of the match (and sometimes period). See rules: I propose to put in regular time or overtime. Cafe the final result in ice hockey is always high except 3:2, 2:3.

In volleyball there are bets on correct score. Options less, guess it is easier => cf-you’re significantly lower – use strategies with other sports is problematic.

In football “correct score” was the most popular and is present in the line of any competition, as bookmakers consider them to be the least predictable. KF. in football starts from 6.00. You can bet on the score of the game or half.

Betting strategy correct score in football

Bets on the correct score of a football match is difficult by definition. Guess the bets with odds. >6 plus this little. Therefore, cause skepticism of strategy offered by some Internet resources. The essence boils down to the choice of 2-3 matches with correct score and formation of Express. The coefficients reach exorbitant values 300-400, but the probability of winning is equal to the mathematical error. Even if you generate 10-12 of these bets, to win would be extremely problematic.

It is better to consider the strategy of “fan”, we detail painting. The bottom line: exclude fantastic accounts 4:0, 5:1, 3:3, focusing on his football 1:0, 0:0, 1:1, 0:1, 2:1 and close 5-7 outcomes. Guessing we will not only repel bad bet, but stay with the profit.

Some features of bets on correct score

Consider the balance of power among the teams, the performance and specifics of the tournament. For example, in the English Premier League teams operate in a productive manner. 3:3 – it is a common practice for submarines. If the favorite is playing with the rank outsider, you need to build on the victory over a strong team, not forgetting a draw.

The betting correct score in football should be treated with skepticism. If it’s a reputable professionals and former players, publishes forecast for free, they can still be considered. Any of our paid projections should beware. Scammers often positioning their matches as a Treaty, where not only determined the outcome, but the specific expense. Really unfortunate the forecaster is trying to point a finger at the sky.

Conclusion for bets on correct score

Correct score betting is accepted in football, volleyball, hockey and tennis. But it is not necessary to cover all directions. Place where understand. Not to do parlays of 2-3 events on TC, because the probability of them winning is negligible. Quite effective method is the “fan”.

Other bets on the performance of

All bets on goals, both score OZ + total goals, goals teams 1st goal, the latter score ? head will score and will not win, will not miss to score in the half, the first goal in half, in both halves, the goal time to the minute, betting on a penalty.

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