Betting on cards in football

Bets on cards in football

Match statistics in football has been ongoing for a very long time, however, the bookmakers have turned their attention to her recently. However, betting on card in football has gained a huge popularity among betterof. Especially impressed by the players bets on removal which are an attribute of any self-respecting bookie.

Bets on cards: General characteristics

This bet applies only to football. They are available for almost all football matches featured in the line, whether it be Champions League or English championship.

Counting the number of cards by bookmakers sometimes very seriously different. For example, the Russian bookmakers consider directly the number of cards, which was shown by the judge for the match. Other offices, in particular Leon, are counting cards, expressing them in the points equivalent. That is, a yellow card is worth two points, red — 5 points. Total, respectively, also expressed in points, not in number of cards. Sometimes removal can cost 25 points, and ordinary warning — 10. This information should be specified in the betting rules this AU or in the support.

Sometimes Western bookmakers propose to determine the number cautioned in the match with total with trichechidae. Given three options for rates: less than 3, 3-5 cards, 5 cards. Returns on these bets is not the case, as the option represents less than 3 total goals 2.5 and 5 more cards in fact requires 6 or more alerts.This option is much more complicated for the player, because he has to choose from two options, and three. The chances are lowered, but at the same time significantly increase the odds.

Ставки на карточки в футболе

The main features of bets on the card

Most players bet on the over on the cards, choosing the important from the tournament point of view matches or Derby. Against the background of tensions and the degree of control, many players just pass the nerves and they begin to play rough and even cruel. In principle, this approach is justified, as most such meetings are held in emotional fight with lots of warnings. However, sometimes you can bet on the total less on the cards. For example, in the Bundesliga top clubs such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund play very disciplined, rarely allowing himself more than 1-2 cards. In England the bookmakers also offer the lowest totals on the cards as judges in the Premier League allow the teams to play and rarely resort to punishment.

The most passionate and hot Championships in Europe are the Spanish League and the Italian Calcio. Here, players are particularly emotional, especially in such important games, of which there are many. Judges also do not hesitate here to use sanctions starting to issue warnings almost from the first minutes of the match. Odds bookmakers for removal in the championship, as a rule, is low. The totals on the cards here we set large.

Before the match it remains to be seen who will be appointed chief referee. Then it makes sense to observe his statistics, whether he is principled and hard. It is also important to bet on the over on the cards.

It is very important to carefully read the rules of the bookmaker. Not all cards are the bookies go to offset the total. For example, in football, often there are situations when the cards get on the coaches or substitutes. Some offices take into account the warnings, others do not take them into account. Therefore, this issue need to check in advance to avoid problems.

Conclusion on the rates cards in football

In summary, it can be noted that to do betting on cards can and should be, as it is a very promising direction of betting. Another issue is that before making the bet, you should conduct a thorough analysis of the event. To see what this championship, features of relationships between teams, their standings, to consider the judge’s personality and individual players. Then, carefully read the rules of calculation of rates on the cards, we can safely conclude his bet with a bookmaker.

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