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7 tips to betting on Boxing

Like every sport, Boxing has features, but it is among the most spectacular and multifaceted. No wonder it is loved and watched by millions of people, and for the best confrontation in the Pro Boxing viewers pay money. This natural attraction of people to the phenomenon symbolizing a few basic even: physical strength, will and mind. Last sometimes people mistakenly believe the unusual Boxing, but in the meantime, the way it is, as though it did not seem strange to people unrelated to the sport. Of course, we are talking about the best boxers, able to calculate the opponent and doing the right things that lead to victory. Betting Boxing is an extremely exciting activity that can be profitable if you approach it with the right hand. There are some rules, adhering to them, hard to go wrong.

1. Choose a competent fighter

Smarter fighter always wins. This postulate, although with nuances. This, of course, there is a significant difference in the brain, giving a huge advantage with approximately equal parameters (endurance, strength, impact, durability). Mental skills give you the opportunity to adjust to the opponent, to dictate their conditions. The main task of better – identify who behaves more intelligently in the ring can vary depending on the circumstances, and to dictate the course of the fight. This can be understood by reviewing some of the iconic fight of the boxer. The conclusion depends on their own mental abilities of better, from his abilities to assess the situation. A striking example – the second fight Russian Sergey Kovalev against the canadian Jean Pascal, who Kovalev won more sovereign than first calculated them due to the simple manner of Pascal to catch the opponent forward.

2. Don’t look at the statistics

A lot of punters just love to study the statistics, believing that she is the mother of all Sciences and the key to all doors. Look at the win-win list of fights and filled with confidence. But Boxing, as has been said, the sport special. You need to understand that the boxer “lead”. Everyone remembers the result of the battle of the “green” Pro Wladimir Klitschko vs Ross purity, which is corny took advantage of the absence of Vladimir experience heavy and prolonged fighting. This is a typical mistake of the promoter (I did not consider the experience of an opponent a future world champion). To analyze the statistics you need, but doing it without knowledge of the level of competition is one of the biggest mistakes.

3. Consider the factor of commercial viability fighter

As a rule, the more promising fighters in the profiboxing “pass” on, despite the unconvincing performance, and even the venue of the fight “to” often does not save his opponent from judicial punishment. The fact that the profiboxing industry earnings for many people. It would be a mistake to think that in a battle with a dead soldier who is able to bring the fight to an equal confrontation, and even more – to win the fight with a fairly significant advantage, the judicial decision will be objective. A striking example is the fight between Nikolai Valuev and Evander Holyfield in 2008, where, in the opinion of the majority, confidently defeated Holyfield. But the hand under the whistle of the hall raised one who at the time was somewhat more commercially attractive, and who stood by the interests of powerful German promoter.

4. The rate for anthropometry

It would seem that this is a very primitive way of evaluation of potential rivals. But, the anthropometric indicators are affected so much that sometimes I wonder how this awkward boxer was able to destroy such an intelligent and technically skilled opponent. But it’s nature and it’s not going anywhere. No wonder the profiboxing boxers are divided into weight classes, which gives an advantage in impact strength at the expense of even a little more “clean” mass. If someone who is not professionally engaged in Boxing, weight means nothing, and they believe that 2-3 kg of selected fat that dangle from their body, does not solve anything, the ring two to three kilograms select “dried” muscles so much. Therefore, assessing the fighters, do not forget about their natural weight, which can be seen visually. This is evident, for example, weigh-in, when the men traditionally look each other in the eye. Perhaps, vis-a-vis your favorite by its nature refers to a heavier weight category, and for the knockout he’ll have to do more than usual.

5. Bet on more strong-willed boxer

Volitional indicators is a delicate matter, but solves a lot. Do not pay for this standard of attention while deciding on the bet for boxer dangerous. A lack of examples, when everything was decided thanks to the persistence of a fighter who has withstood a lot of pressure. Considering this point, we should not forget about the opponent – he can also be a tough nut to crack, wait to bore and implement your plan of action.

6. Don’t count on blow

What could be better than having a boxer is a clear knockout blow. So I guess different punters. However, keeping in mind about the bet on an early victory, we must understand clearly, whether will be your favorite to bring this strike to target. Blind faith in the ability of knockout boxer has ruined a lot of bets. How many people became a victim of the belief that bright puncher Lucas Mattis will deal with Ukrainian Viktor Postolos thanks to dynamite hidden in his gloves. But it was not there. The force of impact of the Argentine Postol opposed to the intelligent, skilful and cold-blooded Boxing, and after a couple or three heavy hits the opponent, without which all is not done with a smile, recalled that bears the nickname “Ice man”. The conclusion is that, puncher, then he’s the favorite when the opponent for any of this.

7. Feel yourself in the shoes of a boxer

Everyone fancies himself a strategist, seeing the battle from the sidelines. Many see themselves as the great theorists when it comes to rates or simple conversations. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a boxer and think about what it’s like, when every second you can knock out, try to stand, bleeding under the onslaught of crazy in the ring, feel that we have to endure, to whose victory you are going to earn. Maybe not decisive for the present professional better, but certainly not an extra element in this difficult matter, as betting on Boxing.

Where to get betting on Boxing online

Duels are not so frequent and can not provide serious momentum for a bookmaker – follow the box and put it in the line, the office that monitors reputation and willing to meet even a small stratum of the players. recommend 1xbet, their high coefficients and the emergence of early events in the lists, attract attention.


Betting on Boxing. The mistakes of bookmakers

First of all, Boxing is not a lot of these “stars”, so here is a very common situation, when the “star” meets with a little-known boxer (not bad). The fighter can be skilled and talented, but unknown to the General public because, for example, that he is mediocre Manager (professional Boxing — is half sport, half business, so the role of management here is very high). Accordingly, such a little-known boxer is often undervalued by the public and bookmakers, which leads to an overestimation of the odds on his victory.

Another important point: the center of Boxing in the world is America. In recent years, the situation began to change somewhat, and the European Boxing started more or less successfully to win a “place in the sun”. However, the majority of cash fighting continues in the US, most of the PPV buy the Americans, and a significant proportion of bets on Boxing, make the American players. At the same time, many strong European boxers in America is simply unknown. For this reason, You should pay attention to the us bookmakers: when it comes to the battle between the American and European boxer, American sportsbooks often offer is clearly too high odds for European boxers.

A very good example — the battle for the title of world champion in heavy weight under versions of the world Boxing Council (WBC) between Hasim Rahman and Oleg Maskaev on 12 August 2006 in Las Vegas. Before the fight the odds Rahman was approximately 1.5 Maskaev is about 2.5. Specialist it is obvious that Rahman in that fight was overrated. Why did this happen? First, Rahman is an American. Secondly, all remember, how in 2001, he was knocked out of Lennox Lewis. Thirdly, Maskaev, who came to this fight, having on his account with five losses (including, from the boxers), long been written off.

Now about what the General public paid no attention. Made Rahman a star victory over Lewis was at great expense from an accident. Lewis, the boxer is as lazy as talented, for that fight is almost not prepared for that and paid the price, conceding crazy knockout of Rahman. After only seven months, in the rematch Lewis did not leave the Rahman no chance of knocking him out in the fourth round. So star Rahman acquired a not entirely deserved. Defeat Maskaev, in large part due to the incompetence of his Manager throwing his boxer “under tanks” when he was ready. By the way, by the time the fight with Rahman, Oleg has not been defeated for more than four years. Finally, many have forgotten that back in 1999 these two boxers met in the ring, and the fight ended after a severe knockout.

With that said, the chances of boxers that fight should have been at least equal, and a factor of 2.5 on the Maskaev — inadequately high. In that match, Oleg Maskaev won quite natural victory by knockout in the twelfth round and took Rahman’s championship belt.

To succeed in betting on Boxing, always remember the principle of “bet on what you know”. Before you bid, gather all possible information about both boxers. Very important is information about what exactly opponents of this boxer had problems in the past: a left-handed or right-handed, tall or short, with techies or punchers-puncher, etc. On the basis of this information to determine whether a particular opponent is for him problematic or not. Statistical information about all the boxers-professionals can be found on the website However, do not limit yourself to only one statistics it does not give the whole picture. Be sure to get the opinions of recognized experts (coaches and sports journalists) about the strengths and weaknesses of athletes. Contrast the opinions of various experts: how they differ, and what are the same.

In short, You have to spend a lot of time to become an expert in Boxing. However, time is not wasted: not only will you be able to make good money on their rates, but also get a lot of pleasure from viewing exciting and intriguing Boxing matches.

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