Betting on biathlon: advantages and disadvantages

Bet on biathlon: advantages and disadvantages

Ставки на биатлон: достоинства и недостаткиIn recent years, the biathlon all winter sports began to enjoy the greatest popularity. Many sports channels on different continents broadcast of this spectacular sport. For fans of biathlon betting is also quite attractive, especially compared to other sports at the winter Olympics. Same ski racing is very dull, but in the biathlon is shooting, which can bring a serious surprise, so throughout the race the intrigue remained until the last.


— A large number valuing coefficients. As a rule, bookmakers put medium or high margin on a biathlon race, but a competent player will always be able to find the shaft in the bets “Who will make more mistakes” and “Who is taller”. With biathlon analytical centers not really bothering and often exhibit unreasonably high ratios.

The early lines you can catch a “fork”. At different bookmakers on the positions of the “Who’s taller” you can find the plug, despite the high margin. Over time, the coefficients are aligned, but the most agile players manage to make a win-win bet.


— High margins. Biathlon even entertaining, but not very popular sport, so the margins are traditionally high in this sport. But the alternative fans to bet on biathlon there, so with this injustice simply no opportunity to fight.

— Low limits. For experienced players it is no secret that the low limits and high margins – are inseparable concepts. Is no exception and biathlon. On average, one outcome the bookmakers put up a maximum of about 200-300 dollars.

— Not all bookmakers offer in the line of the biathlon event. The other part is if bookmakers and offers to bet on biathlon, the only winner of the race.

— Live betting on the biathlon – a rarity. The race events are developing very rapidly, so change quotes bookmakers is very difficult. Considering the great demand for biathlon rates, there is no need to do this.

— There is a random factor. It is not uncommon in biathlon at the forefront of the luck factor. Even a gentle breeze at the wrong moment can decide the fate of the race. Thus, the biathlon is one of the most lottery sports.

— Seasonality. Only from November to March, the major biathlon competitions. Fans more than six months are not able to follow the athletes, so at the start of the new season not infrequently surprised that their form has changed significantly in the worst or best.


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