Betting on basketball and the NBA

Betting on basketball

Basketball betting fans demand spectacular and dynamic events. Bookmakers offer betting on the winner, total points, individual total of the participants of the meeting, the team’s victory with handicap.

Features of bets on basketball

1. Total basketball is very significant and varies usually in the range of 150-230 points. So the player is more protected depending on his bets from random goals in a football or hockey matches had to be of great importance. In addition, if you have accounts in several bookmakers, then you need to compare them line. If the total is given to them for the main, you’ll be at three or more points, you should consider using a strategy corridor totals for this match.

2. There is the possibility of buying the spread or total on several points without a significant decline in the coefficient, whereas in football if you increase the handicap by one point, the win amount is reduced significantly.

3. Depending on the bookmaker, the odds on teams are accepted or only at regular time, or overtime. One of the important arguments in favor of the basketball bets is the minimum probability of a tie in matches of this sport. To completely protect yourself from this kind of chance, you can take handicap -0,5 on one of the teams and a minimum loss ratio.

Betting features NBA

Betting on the NBA is different from other basketball leagues. First of all — intensity games. NBA team play through the day, and sometimes every day.

For bettors this is a definite plus: more results, which means more statistics and information about the state of the team. If you are a successful player guess not less than 55-57% of the bets increase your Bank happens much faster than in betting on football matches which are a maximum of two times a week. Because of the player value not the percentage of matched bets and winnings.

However, there is a negative side — the NBA attracts a huge number of players, and hence, the bookmaker is particularly carefully about the definition of the coefficients, as in the case of error may incur significant losses. Therefore, in line for the matches of the NBA is almost impossible to find the so-called value-event.

The bets on the matches of the NBA should be very small, not more than 2-3% from the Bank. Many have noticed that the bettors a good days alternating with black bands, when not converge, even the most obvious matches. And at high intensity games and careless disposal of the Bank, it can be fast enough to lose.

Useful in betting on the basketball games of the championship overseas may find the following patterns:

  • In the first matches of the season, the teams rack up a few less points than expected by the audience due to the easy of rastrineobola related to the break.
  • From teams, significantly updated in the offseason, don’t wait for brilliant results. Basketball requires significant teamwork of the players, which comes with time.
  • In the play-off NBA, have lower performance in comparison with matches of the same teams during the season. In games for a relegation team trying carefully to act in defense, realizing the importance of the result.

Of course, you need to consider a number of other factors, such as the shape of the team, her performance at the home arena and away, injured players, motivation of the team in the end won the match (when you bet on handicap or total goals).

According to many players, basketball is easier for other sports under a given dimension, and therefore, with proper distribution of Finance, a thorough study of the information on the upcoming matches and of course a bit of luck, you will have a good chance to increase his Bank.

The choice of bookmakers for basketball betting

Focusing on the choice of basketball as a sport, which the player would be given the most attention, you need to start from the beginning — the choice of the bookmaker. Pay attention to the following points:

  1. Margin office or how much different from the 2.0 odds for equiprobable events (e.g., over or under). If cafe less than 1.90, it is better to find another bookmaker.
  2. Painting of matches or the number of events on offer for the match. If on winning teams, and basic odds, basketball bets are accepted in all offices, the purchase of the Fort can be seen not in all the lines or not in the range where you would like the player.
  3. The output time line. This is especially important for fans of betting on the NBA. Lines, in which matches appear after 12-13 hours Moscow time, as a rule, are rewritten with the American offices, which is much easier to set the optimal coefficients for the matches.
  4. The opportunity to do live betting. Now this service is supported almost all the offices, but in some live-bets are accepted only at halftime. This is important because the injury could the team leader or coach decides to try and reserve players, and will need to act on the situation.

The requirements largely meets Leon, they always have a good selection of tournaments, and the line on the basketball abounds with opportunities for betting and good conversion rates.


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