Betting on baseball (MLB) part 2

Baseball (MLB), part 2

This is a continuation, and the first part of the article here.


When I talked about favorites, already touched on the subject of handicaps. Fora baseball standard (+/-1,5), and the ratio floating. But it is possible to make for themselves a handicap (-1). It’s a pretty good offer, considering the insidiousness of the handicap(-1,5). Handicap(-1) is formed by summing the proportions of the two ordinary bets: to win and the handicap(-1,5). The proportion of the amounts should be based on the size of the bets to win to offset the cost of the game at the start.

For example, match the Yankees is “Auckland”.

Yankees is a favorite for 1,518

On handicap(-1,5) proposal of 2.08.

Take the size of our paired common rate for 5 units. In this case, 5/1,518 =3.3 V units.

3.3 V units size our bet on a clear victory for 1,518

5-3,3=1,7 – bet on the handicap(-1,5) for of 2.08.

Adding the winnings on the first bet and on the second, and dividing by the total amount, we get the coefficient on our established handicap(-1).


Thus, the ratio of 1.70 is created by the proposal for the handicap(-1) on the Yankees.

To me personally, despite the lower ratio, like to play handicap(-1), to avoid the proverbial 20% of the minimum of gaps in the account.

The first half

Not all bookmakers offer to play the first half (first 5 innings), but the proposal was worthwhile and appealing to many. For the reason that starting pitchers often play to the end of the match, and the bench may well fail and mess up the balance of the match.


It’s very simple. Elite or highly conductive-season pitchers in the teams, the rivals and play “less”. Team, sharpened by the attack and the weak guys on the hill – play “more”. In principle, it works, the only problem is that bookmakers are on the alert, and no worse than we estimate forces “on the hill”, with a result not always playable totals, and with them the odds. For example, I do not recommend playing the total is below 7, the score of 4-3, according to my observations, is very common in baseball, along with 5-4, but because of total 6,5 unnecessary risk. This concerns the “bottom” but is often justified and “top”, though, because elite pitchers who could close a game in the League not so much, plus already mentioned above the actions of coaches who are changing pitchers sometimes in the middle of the game, and not the fact that delivery not picked up a full bag of “points-hamsters” (a home run). In total, in addition to the evaluation of pitchers and attack teams, it makes sense to pay attention to where the match. Not all sites are the same, and therefore, there is an unspoken division of sites on hitters Park, pitchers Park and Playground the cubs. Hitters Park (San Francisco, Stadio Yankees, Colorado) smaller and home wounds it happens frequently, giving more chances for more. And pitchers Park (stadium of Metz, Seattle, Tampa) longer confined to defense, and often lives up to its name. Why I singled out “the cubs”? The fact that the stadium was designed and built in a place where a special arrangement of rose, it is very difficult to determine the direction and strength of the wind. For this reason, the bookies just don’t give quotes on the total in home games the cubs. Needless to say that the outcome in General, and total in particular is affected by wind, frost, rain or snow (sometimes it skips to the end of the season, in the playoffs). These factors necessary to operate, not to be trapped. There is a perception that pitchers in the second half throw worse and weaker, resulting in more games on more. The reason – the tired hands of a pitcher who just “ate” at the finish. This statement is not entirely true. First, the coach leading teams apply an active rotation, to keep their leaders on the hill in the best condition for the playoffs. Second, some pitchers long to swing, and Vice versa look better in the second half of the season. For example, Sabathia of the Yankees, he’s just a great performance in August and September. Moreover, for several years. But at the start he looks very weak. For some pitchers an important factor in your or someone else’s fields, and the difference of daytime and evening games. I assure you that the same pitcher sometimes shows a mirror opposite results depending on these factors. Look great in day games, or a failure in the evening sessions.

Yeah, I almost forgot, a few words about the so-called get-a-way-day. This is the moment when comes the last day of the series, and the next day have a new series. In get-a-way-day most of the teams that are playing today, right after matches will go to airports and fly to other cities. Tomorrow we all begin a new series. In those days, usually the team has thoughts on the road, batters beat off below their level. Usually, in a get-a-way-day matches start early in the day, so the team managed to disperse into the night. Of course, they want to quickly finish their games, not to fly to other cities at night. Usually when that happens, batters stepping up the game, to discourage such shots that they never tried to fight off under normal conditions. In the result fall out the bottom. The same judges who judge the “balls and strikes”. They are human beings too, are interested in the match over faster, which is also good for the “bottom”. Of course, blindly “bottom” on a day like this play is not recommended, but at least an argument to abandon the game “more” in the final days of the series. I agree, a lot of chances to consider, but in any case, in my opinion, this is the most promising direction in this sport. I would even say, the only one worthy of attention.

The principle of the day’s play

I’ve had a lot to say about the factors of selection of bets. I will say a few words about the principle of the day’s play. I am convinced, and checked in practice that baseball is not a point sport. Here you just need to play the cascades-a series of bets. Given that baseball is probably the most unpredictable sport, and MLB along with NHL the most unpredictable League, the point of the game will lead to a disadvantage in the long game. The regular season is just huge, the price of defeat for the team is not so great, then decided to measure the results of the series, because with such a huge selection it is important to issue “on the mountain” quite a few games where there are prerequisites for a successful result for you.

Summing up, I want to say that baseball-specific and insidious, if I may say so, for profitable bets. Bookmakers do not hide that I love this game, as it often brings easy money. Matches very much, but the predictability is present not always. Not without reason, some bookmakers wagering requirements require the player part of the money to wager on baseball. This, of course, does not mean that baseball cannot be earned. You only need to learn one – there’s no easy universal way of earnings. Working with games is to take into account the factors of roster (squad), to monitor the situation in the team and watch games etc in General, to do all the things that usually happens in other sports, but with some reservations. There are almost no works team statistics offered by the bookies here will bring more good stats starting pitcher, and in full, according to different criteria. I don’t think baseball is something to reconcile, and it is unlikely you will succeed. In my opinion, this is probably the only sport where it’s better to work with total, than with the outcome, though, because there is no jumping of odds between the favorite and underdog.

Hope it clarify you ways to bet on baseball and has warned of possible losses, if, so, then, my hard work and full of personal experience the bumps were not in vain. Play smart, and determined!

Where to bet on baseball

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