Betting on American football (NFL)

Bet on American football (NFL)

Ставки на американский футбол (NFL)

In this article you will learn about betting on American football — a sport which is extremely popular in America and it is the main object of betting with a turnover of over 10 billion dollars a year. This whole industry is a factory of money and to stand aside from this madness simply cannot be, because I suggest You figure out what’s what, because this cake is really worth it to give it a try.

Let’s start with the fact that this sport has a very complex system of rules, the complexity of which is written in thick books. Betting us, there is no need to know all the nuances, just the basics.

Each team on the field at the same time can be 11 (the replacement is not limited and therefore teams of professionals usually declare the match 53 of the player). Hospitality is commonly practiced formulations for the protection and attack, that is, the two different composition, the same division with the coaches, in addition to the head coach, is the offensive coordinator, the protection coordinator and a number of other narrow specializations. Actually in American football, most players with limited functions in the field and narrow specialization. And still eats a number of key positions well affect the result — receivers, a kicker, tie-end, the secondaries. But the most important role, without a doubt, defines a quarterback. It is the brain of the team? the conductor attacks. Trauma that player that can make decent changes in classifications and assessments of the chances. It is necessary to understand in order to feel the game and to properly analyze changes in the teams.

First of all, it should be said that this game is like no other turn-based game. Teams take turns using their attempts at the attack and after the attack are protected. Putting the ball into play is called the snap. The attack consists of attack attempts to move the ball towards the end zone of the opponent. Defenders have the right to stop the player with the ball by any means with the exception of hooking and grabbing for the mask, while attackers are putting barriers. The attack is given 4 attempts to advance the ball 10 yards. If they succeed , they get a new series of attempts, if not the ball is given to the opponent, and the teams switch roles. After the implementation of a touchdown (6 points) the team has the right to gain extra points (extra point). The ball is installed on the 2-yard line and the opponent team is given 1 attempt. You can hit on target, scoring 1 point, and you can take a chance and try to deliver the ball in the end zone, scoring 2 points. Touchdown, thus, can bring the team from 6 to 8 points. Another way to score points is called a field goal. Field goal can score, hitting the target is not holding up before it a ball in the end zone.

Why is it important to know the cost of attacks. Because a specific set of points in the game it is important to consider in the analysis of the proposed handicaps. There are a few key numbers: 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 17 and 21. Variation in floor points of these numbers higher or lower to throw at You, especially if you are going to bet on these games. Explain with an example, take the handicap (-4.5), associative array sends us back to basketball, but the handicap is somewhat different. Now handicap(-4.5) in American football is practically equal to (-5.5). This nuance is important to know, because such differences are no longer in any sport. Therefore, I would like to warn You to underestimate half points, especially with regard to the boundaries of the key forces. It’s a trick of the bookmaker, which brings him an additional income.

As I said earlier, the line on American football is very similar to the basketball line, the same “Marilyn” (net outcome), odds and total goals. Given that the base rates will be on the handicap and total goals, it is very important that the bookie was sharpened by the sport and had a sensible proposal with a minimum margin. I must say that you should not mess with local bookie, these beetles “lick it up” line at the Western older brother, but with his predatory margin, and the odds will distort to minimize their risks. It is best to work with firms aimed at the American market, of which we can recommend bet365, active and Russian.

In American football it is very important not to be swayed by trends. Americans are just fans of statistics and consider everything. Moreover, this applies not only detailed statistics, players, and observation in the spirit of: “After the major defeat of the team “the Steelers” definitely wins in the next game”, or “Dallas” always wins on thanksgiving or “after Christmas Detroit loses home game”. Such trends for each team, sat down to look, a great many, and often many of them will vzaimozachet previous. Therefore, you should not bother about such observations. This food is more for the media and the fans than for people who want to make money on football. And it is precisely such, isn’t it?! Moving on.

In the American League NFL regular season lasts 17 weeks and each team plays once a week, with one day off season. It turns out that for the championship, each team will play 16 games, of which 2 times will meet with rivals in the division. It turns out games a little bit of time to prepare for each opponent abound, accordingly easy games here. Even when the team has lost all the objectives, it will not depart a room, especially if the game is at home. About the home games need to mention separately. The team in the American football event is for all cities of participants. Despite the weather, which is the second half of the championship rarely indulges, thousands of stadiums filled to capacity, and vigorously support the home team. The roar from the crowd only adds motivation, because the house is absolutely dangerous to any team, and play away favorite must be a good reason, remember this!

For a complete picture, a few words about the playoffs. Unlike other American leagues it consists of only one game. The cost of failure increases, such fights quite tricky, as all can solve a case or error of the judge. In this case, knockout games is full of surprises, as any team can get on the same game, but because in the playoffs it should approach the selection even more carefully. As for the finale of the Superbowl, an event comparable in importance to any sporting event in the United States. It’s the biggest match of the entire sports season for most players is the only chance, but because the main match of his career. Needless to say that these games are better to just watch, enjoy and leave without rates.

In conclusion, I note that American football is unfairly undervalued in the former Soviet Union and wrongly considered a “stupid American game”. Far from it, we advise You to discard stereotypes, and to engage in this game seriously. Betting on American football can bring significant profit, the main thing not to be lazy and delve into this great game.

Where to bet on NFL

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