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What is betting half-match in football

The bookmaker, in an effort to attract new and retain old customers, offering a variety of betting options, including “half-match”. In its short history the rate “half-match” has gained immense popularity among fans of betting.

“Time match” is a bet on the outcome of the first half and the whole match at the same time, i.e., to win you have to guess how to play the 1st half and the game in General, ie, in fact, it turns out the mini-Express on both halves.

What do you mean half-match bets and as indicated by

Double labelling betting line means a combination of outcomes of the 1st half and whole match. 1 or P1 — home win, 2 or P2 — second, or N — draw.

Thus, 2 halves * 3 poss. Exodus = 9 betting options:

  • 11 — the walls of your home will help to win the first half and the entire match.
  • NP1 — a draw in the 1st 45 minutes, and the total victory of the first team.
  • П2П1 — coming team after the break will loose the advantage and the match will be inferior.
  • 1X — giving the first half, guests will be able to equalize the score.
  • NN — the game is absolutely not allowed to reveal the strongest.
  • П2Н the miracle was close, but the hosts managed to equalize in the 2nd half.
  • П1П2 — after initial success, the hosts can relax and lose.
  • NP2 — draw the first half and the away win in the end.
  • П2П2 – winning 1st time visiting you guys hold the advantage.

Examples of strategies betting half-match

Often bets on “time match” is offered with a tempting high rates, which, together with the seemingly simple guessing, attract many fans of betting. You don’t have to be a genius analyst to understand the clear favorites in most cases win the first half and the first 45 minutes between roughly equal teams often end in a draw, but not so easy …

To put on time to the match in anticipation of playing the game in one embodiment. There are several options for betting on “half-match”. Here are a few of them for example.

The first method is suitable for matches where there is no obvious favorite. For example, take the Champions League match between Manchester city and real Madrid. Suppose You have firm confidence in the victory of real Madrid, which offers a ratio of 2.25:

Ставки на тайм-матч

If you wager $ 100 to win Your net gain is $ 125.

For more chances to win you can try to use rates that “half-match”.

Ставки на тайм-матч

There are three options with the victory of the 2nd team (of the real). Usually, when winning in the first half, the team almost never lose matches. Therefore, the rate P1/P2 ratio for us 24 is ignored. Do the two rates, dividing our$ 100 to win same amount: 2/2 (the rate at 62.8) and X/2 (rate of 37.2)

Win each of the bets will be >232,4 dollars net profit >132. It turns out that we will be in greater advantage than when you bet on a clear victory of real Madrid. About 6%. Of course, with small amounts of bets it is imperceptible, but when a player makes a big bet, the difference is palpable.

The second method resembles the first, but it is suitable for matches where there is an obvious favorite. Here the coefficients increase significantly, although the risks also increase. Imagine that we have confidence in draw of the championship of Russia between Lokomotiv and Amkar.

Ставки на тайм-матч

Put our $ 100 draw at 4.2. If you win our bet, the profit will be $ 320.

And now let us turn to statistics: the obvious favourite, having won the first half, rarely missing a win. Therefore, we remove 1/X, we make two bets “the half/match”, dispensing them our money: x/X (rate of 74.2 per dollar) 2/X (rate of 25.8 dollars).

Ставки на тайм-матч

Our net winnings per bet will be 364 dollars, which is $ 44 more than the rate of the outcome, which is about 14% of the bet outcome.

Insights for betting on half-match

Bets on “time match” is a very risky task. Here, as elsewhere, one must be able to predict the outcome of matches and carefully study the statistics. This strategy, like any other, does not give a 100% guarantee of winning, as there is even insignificant, but the chance to lose both bets, even if the guessed outcome of the match. Because in football, there are crazy matches where everything goes against common sense. But such matches happen with a frequency of 1 to 100.

Another advantage of betting “half-match” is that in the lines bookmakers for this bet are often present differences. They are much more significant than the differences in betting on outcomes. Because the line on the outcomes of (1-X-2) is the face of the bookmaker and it is very often correct to fight velocycle.

Betting half-match can be in any office, but it’s better reliable as Leon.

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