Betting Features weightlifting

Betting features weightlifting

Особенности ставок на тяжелую атлетикуAnyone surely at least once in my life seen tournaments in weightlifting. Probably while watching these competitions, the surprise has no limits, given the incredible strength of athletes. Perhaps not every person understands why this sport. But no matter how controversial he may be, to the Olympic program it is included.

The basis of weightlifting is to lift the bar and lock it over the head, and make it with more weight than it did the opponent. It is worth noting that weightlifting is divided into two types: push and pull. At different tournaments in weightlifting, each athlete has three attempts in the clean and jerk and three attempts in the market. Competitions in this sport is carried out in various weight categories. Tournaments in weightlifting are equally popular among women and among the men.

Types of bets

All types of bets on weightlifting in the betting counter accept the following:

— Victory in the tournament.

The best result of a push.

— The best result jerk.

— WR the Olympic games, European, World.

The main feature of betting on this sport can be done on the victory of the athlete in a separate exercise. There are plenty of lifters who are strong in one exercise, where they show consistently good results. That is why it is very popular, this type of bet.

Where to bet?

Most fans of betting on weightlifting, which, admittedly, in a world not so much, prefer to put on the biggest competition in this sport, namely the European and world Championships and Olympic games. These tournaments there is always increased attention from sports fans. As for the less important tournaments, bookmakers not willing to take bets on them, because to analyze of weightlifting is a hard task, and given the small demand of the sport, most bookmakers and is expelled from the line weightlifting. Large weightlifting competition is always good odds offered bookmakers William Hill, Sportingbet and Bet-Match.


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