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With the development of the Internet began to change and the industry of betting. Most sportsbooks take bets online, and are actively developing, which is accompanied by the emergence of new trends, including e-sports money.

Betting on eSports are accepted on a known network online games — Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL), Counter Strike (cs: go), World of Tanks, Quake. In stock all the major tournaments gamers and status single appointments known in the world of e-sport teams. This bet is still very young, but has serious dynamics of development, and in the near future it is likely that it will appear in the lines of many bookmakers.

Online betting on eSports in rubles in 1xbet

Betting company 1xbet is more inclusive sporting events in the lines, without ignoring the bets on eSports in rubles. The main disciplines, the quotations which appear in 1XBet – CSGO, Dota 2, Heroes of The Storm, Starcraft2, League of Legends. On battles in the last primaute online betting for multiple leagues – Gold Series, LoL Master, Championship League and the Korean League.

A large mural on the eSports tournaments should not wait – there are bets on the victory of one of the rival teams from time to time in top tournaments appear handicaps and totals. Odds are relatively good that in the absence in most tournaments the opportunity to play in a draw bets on eSports promising field for the battle with the bookie if you have experience and knowledge.


Bet on eSports with real money in Unibet

Of the world’s leading bookmakers bets on eSports paid attention to units. Best — Unibet, predlude bet on the matches of all the big leagues in Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL): GSL, MLG, DreamHack, IPL, NASL, ASUS ROG, The Defense, The International, etc. every day you can put money on dozens of “cyber-games.” For each game, the shop offers their line — League of Legends betting is available for the outcomes and handicaps, but for DotA 2 it is possible to determine the winner. One problem — Unibet does not register players from Russia.

Betting odds for e-sports at Unibet is quite high. Given the fact that online betting on this sport has not yet gained wide popularity to take the margin beyond 5% is worth it. Many of the “Soviet Bureau” to take commissions in large sizes even with football matches. With regards to the highs for the bets, then there is traditionally Unibet no problems — they are high enough.

check in Unibet

Bet on eSports at Egamingbets

In addition to Unibet and 1xbet, there are several specialized websites where you can make money betting on eSports. It is not the bookmaker in its pure form, because except of eSports, their line nothing more to find.

First of all — functioning as of 2011, popular among gamers online resource, because specializiruetsya solely on cyberbetting. On egb offers a huge number of bets on games of the major leagues and minor confrontations.

Gamingbits works with most recognized payment systems, including Qiwi, Skrill, Webmoney and credit cards Visa and Mastercard. There is a first Deposit bonus of 100% up to$ 600, it really is quite difficult to play. For each bet are awarded bonus points which are later exchanged for various goods in the online store website. Affiliate program — for each privedennogo friend offered $ 50.

All would be nothing if not terribly low odds. The margin on Egamingbets on average varies from 10 to 20%, allowing you to win only at very higher percentage threshold of your bets.

Bets on eSports in Gamebets etc. sites

Russian specialized on the eSports betting site Started its operation in 2012, it has gained considerable popularity among gamers from the CIS. Gambits accepts bets on DotA 2 and Counter Strike, the line is inferior as Unibet and 1xbet. To make money there are many ruble payment systems — MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Qiwi, Euronetwork, wallet, Svyaznoy, Sberbank Online, and. There is a small bonus program when you register 50 is given a virtual (conditional) rubles, which can be set and when the set was 1000 RUB. to exchange for real 250 p., i.e. at the rate of 4 to 1.

Noticeable, and where the opportunity to place bets on eSports is not available to all, but only those who have a Steam account. In total access is the percentage chance of each team winning.

Conclusion on online betting eSports

Especially attractive online betting on eSports professional gamers in DotA 2 and other e-sport games, brilliantly knowledgeable of the game and the balance of power before the fights teams. This allows them to earn through their knowledge, finding excesses in the odds at the bookies. Office can not a priori be experts in the world of virtual sports, and sometimes make mistakes …

safer to bet on eSports with money in a licensed bookmaker. 1xbet accepts rubles and registers of customers, and Unibet has an excellent reputation, a quality Sportsbook that offers a high quality service. Specialized sites known in limited circles, and is relatively young. There is no guarantee that one day the finances of these companies will converge and they will close — better not to risk it.


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